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Annamalai University Correspondence MBA

The Annamalai University is a well known name in the education industry today.Having started with 7 departments way back in the 1920s, the University boasts of more than 49 departments as of present.

Currently, the University has more than 500 courses on its list of distance learning programs. It is also believed to have the largest enrollment under the head of distance education programs in India. Distance MBA from Annamalai University is a coveted stream of study at the University.

Here are some particulars of the Annamalai University that MBA aspirants might want to know about.


The eligibility criteria for the Annamalai University is quite simple in the sense that the official website of the University requires the candidate to be the holder of any degree that is to say any degree of the graduate or the post graduate level except for the degrees that confer to the 10+2+2 pattern of secondary and higher education.

Students who have qualified the requisite examinations under the 11+2+2 pattern of examinations or the 11+1+3 years pattern or who hold the Under Graduate degree from the Open University System are eligible to apply for the Annamalai University MBA program.

 Application Procedure To the University

For the purpose of admissions, interested candidates might resort to any of these two means to obtain a copy of the application form along with the prospectus:

Personally: The interested applicants can visit the any of the Directorates, Information or study centers and obtain the application form together with the prospectus on the payment of a nominal amount of Rs. 500. The aforesaid amount has to be tendered in cash if the collection is made by the mode.

By Post: For obtaining the application form cum prospectus of the University through means of post the students will have to shell out an amount of Rs. 590 which has to be tendered by the means of a demand draft addressed to ‘ The Director, D.D.E., Annamalai University’.

  • The interested applicant needs to write a letter clearly mentioning the program for which the prospectus is required. However, it is to be kept in mind that a copy of the prospectus would only be returned by the means of a normal post and there is no facility for students to return the prospectus.
  • Moreover an application made in the form and the format that is prescribed by the University will only be eligible to be considered for admissions. The letter for the application and prospectus should be addressed to the the director address given at the end of the article.

The applicants for MBA should visit the official website of the University before filling in the application forms for detailed instructions on how to fill the forms and get them attested.


Admissions for the Annamalai MBA take place through the following two modes:

Postal Admissions: In case the applicant is not able to pay a visit to any of the study or information centers in person he has the option of submitting the completely filled in application form and send it to the director address already mentioned above.

Along with all the necessary documents that are required to be attached with the form. Here is a list of the attachments:

Passport Size Photographs

  • One to be affixed with the Scanning Form
  • One photograph to be affixed with the Identity card
  • Migration or Transfer Certificate
  • Certificates to substantiate the educational, professional and other qualification mentioned in the form.

It is for the convenience of the students that they don’t need to attach an original copy of the above documents along with their application form. The draft for admission purpose is also not required to be submitted with the Application form.

For applicants choosing to apply by the postal system, the original copies of the various documents will have to be submitted once that they receive their provisional admission card. They will be required to produce original copies

  1. The migration certificate
  2. Educational Qualifications
  3. A demand draft (amount as per the fee structure prescribed by the University) addressed to ‘ The Director, D.D.E., Annamalai University’.
  • Students can send these documents by post/courier or submit these personally.
  • After the admission formalities have been duly completed, the originals of the certificates with a tag on the Transfer Certificate regarding the admission of the candidate to the Annamalai University will be returned to the applicant by the means of a Registered Post.
  • It is required of the applicants that they submit completely genuine certificates.
  • For the certificates are found to be anywhere fake, the admission of the applicant will be cancelled immediately and the admission fee submitted by him will be forfeited by the University.

On-the-spot admissions: Candidates, who can visit any of the study centers of the University, should visit the particular Centre for the purpose of on the spot admissions.

  • The above set of documents, the admission forms along with the attested Xeroxes and originals of the various certificates relating to the age and qualifications should be produced with three passport sized photographs of the applicant along with the demand draft of the requisite amount Addressed to the aforesaid person.
  • The originals of the various documents will be scrutinized by the authorities as to their authenticity and then will be returned to the applicant after making a note of the transfer certificate of the employee.

Study and Information Centers 

The students who do not have access to the University Campus or offices can visit the Study Centres for answers of any queries or to get any kind of assistance.

  • The Information centres have been established by the University to help applicants make better decisions about of the choice of their courses and sell prospectus and application forms.
  • The official or working hours for the centres on weekdays stand as 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. with a half hour break from 1:00 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. The centres are open on Sundays too from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Courses Being Offered 

The academic year of the college runs from every 1st of July to the 30th of June during which the university offers the following courses under its long distance MBA Program:

  • MBA (Tamil and English Medium)
  • E-Business (English Medium)
  • International Business (English Medium)
  • Human Resource Management (English Medium)
  • Marketing Management (English Medium)
  • Financial Management (English Medium)

Fee Structure at Annamalai

The info below is a summary of the fee structure of the University for its Distance Learning MBA Program:


Fees (1st Year)

Tuition Other Fee 1st Instalment 2nd Instalment Total
MBA 7350 1400 8750 4800 13550



Fees (2nd Year)

Tuition Other Fee 1st Instalment 2nd Instalment Total
MBA 7350 500 8750 4800 12300

*A project fee of Rs.500 will be payable by the students who take up the project. This has to be paid along with the first installment of the Second Installment.

Other fees will be chargeable under the following heads-

Sl. No. Purpose Amount (in Rs.)
1. Bonafide/ Course-Conduct Certificate 100
2. Transfer Certificate in duplicate 300
3. Change in Address 100
4. Change in name or Change in PCP Address 300
5. Attendance Certificate in Duplicate 100
6. Fees Certificate for Reimbursement 100
7. Duplicate Identity Card 100
8. Change in Optional Subjects 300

The date for the submission of the fee instalments are thus:

Installment Payment with fine Payment without fine
2nd instalment for 1st year 30.01.2012 31.03.2012
1st instalment for 2nd year 31.08.2012 31.10.2012
2nd instalment for 2nd year 31.01.2013 31.03.2013

*A late fine of Rs. 200 will be charged in case the fee hasn’t been submitted before the due date.

Fee Concessions 

Resident blind of physically challenged students will be exempted from the payment of tuition fees if they produce a certificate of disability in this regard. However, they will have to submit other fees like the admission fees, eligibility fees, registration fees etc.

  • A flat concession to the extent of 50 per cent us available to students who are on campus that is studying from a different college in India and enrol for the MBA Distance education program with this University.
  • All distance Education students from Annamalai if they enrol in any other PG or Diploma courses alongside their course at the Annamalai University.
  • Students who are the Alumni members will also be entitled to a concession from the University.

Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes Scholarships

Students belonging to the Scheduled castes and the Scheduled Tribes will be entitled to scholarship from the University in case they are not employed and their parents an amount less than Rs. 2,20,000 every year.

  • For the above purpose it is required of the students that they produce certificates of Unemployment proving that they are currently unemployed.
  • On failure to produce such a certificate the University will refund the Said Scholarship amount to the Government itself.

The students can exercise any of the following modes for the payment of fees. Detailed instructions regarding each mode of payment can be obtained from the official website of the institute.

  • Banks at the Information or Study centres
  • Demand Drafts payable at the particular banks as specified by the University
  • Online or E-Payment
  • Payment using debit or credit cards
  • Multi-utility module of Payment from the Indian Bank
  • Cash payment


The syllabus for the Distance MBA can be outlined as follows:

General syllabus Outline

  • First Year-
    • Management Principles
    • Financial management
    • HRM-Human Resources Management
    • Statistics and Business Mathematics
    • Managerial Communication
    • Management and Financial Accounting
    • Marketing Management
    • Materials and Production Management
  • Second Year
    • Financial Services Management
    • International finances
    • Strategic management
    • Industrial financing and financial analysis
    • Management of assets and funds
    • Portfolio, Investment and Security Management
    • Viva-Voce and project work ‘Or’ Electronic Business
    • Methods of Business Research

 Examination Schedule

  • The University holds annual examinations that tentatively begin somewhere around the 19th May.
  • Supplementary examinations for failures are held in December.
  • Examination Application forms are dispatched to the addresses of the applicants. However, for those who do not receive the applications, should contact the examination cell of the University and after hearing from them can download a copy of the same from the University’s Website.

Queries regarding examinations, Mark sheets, Provisional Certificates etc. should be addressed to

The Controller of Examinations

Annamalai University

Annamalai Nagar-608002

Phone: 04144-237368, 238027, 238248

Fax: 04144-238145


The results are also displayed on the University website as and when they are released.

Correspondence For Further Enquiry

  • All correspondence should be addressed to the Directorate of the University.
  • The Directorate is functions on all weekdays except on Sundays and Public Holidays.
  • The working hours are from 9:45 a.m. to 5:45 p.m. with hour’s break for lunch between 1-2 p.m.
  • In case the students have any doubts, enquires or grievances, the same can be addressed to:

The Director,

Directorate of Distance Education,

Annamalai University

Annamalai Nagar-608002.



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