Books for CAT Preparation

Books for CAT preparation are one of the most sought after material that a student wants to start his preparation for CAT. Apart from the normal banter that a student hears when he starts his preparation for this coveted exam, there are many other facets that a student wants to look up to.

Normally, there is so much advice bombarded for a student that he ends up being confused about all the things and may even end up making a wrong decision. Books for CAT preparation are one such area where students need to be careful while making a choice.

A student can start normally just like anyone but referring to books of some coveted institutes. There are quite a few options these days and we have listed some prominent ones below. It is also not required that a student may end up spending a fortune on his books alone as forms and other stuff are pretty expensive in itself.


1)      TIME MATERIAL – Without doubt one of the best options and very exhaustive. Really well laid out and the books of TIME are a choice of millions of students across India. An experienced company that has catered to the needs of the students.

2)      CL MATERIAL – Indeed a good chunks of questions are en-grained in the material of career launcher. They provide material through correspondence just like TIME and indeed it is quality stuff.

3)      IMS, Resonance etc – Really good stuff. It would be wise enough if you can pick any book of these institutes.

Apart from these book options available offline, there are many other books for CAT preparation that are available online. Here are two of the best sources in the market today that we have tested personally.

1)      Test Funda – Excellent material, very good website and good support too. Definitely worth spending you time with their books. The best part is that you can get their books in online format too which is absolutely great.

2)      Total Gadha – These people dish out e-books on selected topics and have an exclusive CBT club too. You can pay for the ebooks via Paypal or by sending a DD (check their website for details)


Apart from these options, there are many others that students prefer. One of the most prominent book for cat preparation happens to be by Arun Sharma. There are 3-4 books authored by him and published by Tata-Mcgraw hill. All his stuff is good but Quant is exceptional to state the least. He gives deep look into the methodologies for getting a good score and how to prepare for CAT which is unique in itself.

Apart from these books for CAT preparation, there are books by Arihant publications and others. To get a better idea just search “books for CAT – pagalguy” in Google and you will get a forum thread there on this topic and that will help you judge even better.