CAT 2010 – Getting Ready

CAT 2010

CAT 2010 is the around the corner and more than 2 lakh students are getting ready to give one of the most difficult paper in India and probably the most difficult paper that a management aspirant can give. Not only are the students gearing up for a paper that has high expectation after the debacle of cat 2009 last year where students faced last year but also a year where it is expected that the IIMs and Prometric will put up a good show.

A lot has been talked about previous year CAT and hence we take a look at some crucial facts about this year CAT exam that is just around the corner and with very little time left for the exam, there are some facts which a student must know in order to do well in this exam. We will be talking about certain basic things to start with and move onto some important aspects of the cat exam.


Just like other exam, the Common Admission Test conducted by the IIMs demands thorough practice and a grueling test of nerves. Only those students who are able to show the various qualities required by a future manager, succeed in this coveted test and move one step closer to their dream college.

CAT 2010 preparation i.e. keeping in mind the online format should be the same like that of the offline paper pencil cat exam barring a few change s that we suggest.

Firstly, students should inculcate the habit of sitting in front of the computer screen and solving a question rather than just following the paper pencil format. This is apparently very important given the fact that a student is expected to concentrate for 2 and an half hours in front of the computer screen continuously.

Give ample mock cat and try to give them at the same time as the Cat window so that your body attunes itself accordingly and also because your mind comes in sync with the final day. While giving the Mock CAT exam, one should make sure that one adheres to as strict a pattern as on the CAT 2010 final exam.


It is also advised that the students learn to operate the computer mouse from the hand which is not their natural one i.e. those who write with their right hand should operate with their left hand so that the right hand is free and one can increase his efficiency by a couple of notches.

One should make sure that one is not exhausted on the final day of the exam. A good night sleep and a peaceful week before the exam can go a long way in preserving the nerves of the student. CAT 2010 is a lot about handling the pressure of the exam and one way to do so is by staying away from all the hype that is generated in newspapers and media. A positive frame of mind is as crucial as hell when it comes to an exam like CAT.

In the CAT 2010 paper, no breaks are allowed to students within the last 30 minutes before the start of the exam and one should ensure that one reaches the test site well in advance.

Cat 2010 has gained much importance given the importance of the previous year i.e. the failure of cat 2009 exam to put up a flawless show.

This year, things do look much better and it is hoped by one and all that CAT 2010 will be a success.