CAT Exam – How to prepare for Quantitative Ability Section ?

This section has possibly seen the maximum mutation over the years as the CAT exam has progressed. It was question heavy earlier, where students were required to solve high number of easy questions in limited time. Then in the past decade or so, it went to be a lot tougher, the number of questions reduced and the cut off went lower.

Since the time CAT has gone online, the level remains somewhere in between. The section gets around 20 questions overall in the exam and the cat exam syllabus can be found out over here.

quantitative aptitude cat examNow, let us put our focus on the discussion at hand.

How to prepare for the Quantitative Ability ( QA ) Section ? 


  • Complete entire material of at least one coaching institue.
  • Arun Sharma Quantitative Aptitude (LOD 1 and 2 is a must do, even if you leave LOD 3)
  • Total Gadha Number System E-book.
  • Test Funda Mocks and skill builder.
  • Total Gadha Topic questions (you will find these in small font on the right hand side bar of their websites’ main page)
  • Section practice on the SIS of CL or TIME or similar for this section. It really helps build your online stamina.
  • If possible, try and do the daily questions of TestFunda too, they are nice
  • Important – Join Pagalguys’ Quant thread.
  • Rinse and repeat the process till the time you virtually remember the question itself.

Check out the Books for CAT over here