Cat Exam Preparation

CAT Exam Preparation is regarded as one of the most rigorous post graduate entrance exam training in the world. Not only are various set of skills being tested in a candidate who wishes to crack the exam but a lot of self discipline and hard work form the bedrock of cat preparation. A very normal question that is asked by aspirants is how to start the cat preparation?

CAT exam preparation is basically an amalgamation of various facets brought together and worked upon collectively to ensure the desired results. There are three sections in CAT i.e. Quant, DI and VA. If you do not know the full forms of these sections then you are a complete newbie and if you do, you have some basic knowledge about what this exam is all about.

As with many other exams, the preparation has to begin well in advance of the exam. For each section of CAT, there is a different approach required for the simple reason that all the three sections are different in structure (type of questions) and also because the strength of an individual in each of these sections is different. All this, and much more forms the core part of cat exam preparation.


For QA or more formally Quant section, one is presented with a set of questions from various domains of mathematics and one is required to answer these as soon as possible. One important thing to note in a CAT exam is that one need not solve every question. In fact, knowing which question to attempt and which one to leave becomes a very important tool for success in these papers.

From the point of view of the CAT exam, around 50% question in Quant with 100% accuracy land you in the safe zone for an IIM call. However, in the online format, this number has gone up to as much as 70% for an IIM call. The figure for sectional cut off hovers around the same number for other sections in quant too. One has to prepare for each section as in CAT exam, apart from the overall cut off, the individual cut off for sections is very important.

Hence, while preparing for CAT one should make sure that during CAT exam preparation, one is fully aware of these facts and allots almost an equal time between different sections of the paper.


Using the time judiciously is also an important aspect of the exam, with students required to solve the paper in the around 2 hours and 15 minutes (may vary with each year).

CAT exam preparation, unlike the preparation of IIT-JEE, does not require that you study for 2 years and then give the paper. It is an exam that requires just 3-4 hours of study for around 6 months for an average person to cover the entire syllabus of CAT. However, it is important the student studies continuously without breaks in between meaning that diligence matters a lot in an exam like CAT.

If you have any doubts with regards to your CAT exam preparation, do leave your comments below. We would love to answer you back.