CAT Institutes are in huge demand these days. Given the fact that the Indian Economy is booming and growing at a healthy rate, the demand for managers is many folds. This has increased the relative importance of the MBA degree and since more and more students are trying to get it, many coaching institutes for Cat and those providing have cropped up in huge numbers these days.

With so many choices for students and every tom dick and harry opening an institute, there is every chance that a student may end up making a wrong choice. Though everyone has his own opinion, we don’t. What we do is that we look at all the opinions (from forums, websites etc) and make an average of that opinion and then give it to our readers. This displays a more accurate picture and is more viable.


Ok, so if you are now searching for a Cat coaching institute there are some basic options in front of you i.e. TIME, CL , IMS and others. Now, the fact is that each of these institutes is good, in fact very good. But, it is not an institute that gets you a good percentile, it is you who does. And since everything about a CAT institutes is what “You” are about, it becomes very crucial that you choose a reputed institute based on your preference.

This is one crucial reason that we advise students to give a pre-cat exam, if possible and talk to as many people as you can in your locality/city/relative circles etc to get a better picture. Next, ask for trial classes and do one or two classes with your short listed cat Institutes and use your own judgment after that.

If you are searching for some advice of cat institutes for MBA, then it won’t be a bad idea if you rely on more than one source for your search. One such website which does this is Pagalguy.


We do not vouch for grading different Cat institutes for the simple reason that the rankings should be based upon what a student wants to do. Just to clarify this fact, a student who wants to do Mass Comm would not consider IIM-A as the best institute but would leave that college for MICA. Hence, the need of the student determines the relative ranking and if a student knows what he wants to do then he can go ahead and find the best way to do it.

However, having said that, use the available resources to the maximum. Make a choice after talking to other students and seniors of that college or institute before making the final call.

Be patient and do thorough research before diving into the pool of the institutes available. Since the heading of this article points to two different ends, i.e. coaching institutes for cat and cat institute providing MBA we have made sure that we share our views on either of the two topics.

If you have any query regarding cat institutes or would like to get your doubts cleared, then please leave a comment and we will get back to you.