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Cat Preparation Material

A lot of students waste their time in searching for resources from where they can get material for the study of CAT. It is important to note that students should only focus on their studies and not waste crucial time on searching for such material.

Below we have mentioned various resources that the student can use to help him in his preparation for CAT. There are various tools available in this information age that can help a student in his endeavors as he prepares for CAT, which is one of the toughest exams in the world.

Being a good manager you should know how to manage your time and study material for CAT is a good way by which you can save a lot of time if you can get your hands on good Cat preparation material.

There are various sources and given the fact that CAT has gone online one can  use these different resources to help you in the preparation for CAT.

You can get CAT preparation material from the following sources. You may choose one or many sources; this is completely your choice.

CAT Preparation Material Books

  • Arun Sharma’s Quant preparation book is an all time favorite of the student. It’s printed by Tata-Mcgraw hill and is without doubt one of the best available books for CAT preparation.
  • There is a new book for Quant by TIME that can help students to study for Quant. The book is new but given the reputation of the institute, it is bound to be worth it’s name.
  • There are more books by Arum Sharma, if you like his Quant books then you are going to love his English and DI/LR books too.
  • You would also be advised to take a look at previous year CAT papers also as in 2009 we saw hefty questions from previous years’ CAT. Things may be different this year but going through the previous year papers always helps the students in the longer run.
  • There is material through correspondence that is available by TIME,IMS, CL and many others. You can take a look at these. The material is mostly good and covers almost all the details necessary for cracking CAT.

Then there are various resources on the Internet which a student can make use of and compliment his studies. Given the fact that CAT has gone online, it becomes a paramount importance for the students to get used to sitting in front of the computer and answering questions. It is a different ball game when you regard the concentration levels in front of a computer screen.


There is enough CAT preparation material on the Internet to keep you occupied for more than a year. Some prominent ones include Test Funda, CL and IMS. There is also a good website called TotalGadha that dishes out quality articles from time to time.

There are paid resources and unpaid resources on the Internet which you can use for you studies. There is an excellent forum known as Pagalguy where students discuss their MBA related problems and most of the time land up with good advice.

If you have any questions with respect to cat preparation material, please leave a comment below.