CAT Exam Preparation Inputs


CAT preparation is a very exhilarating or draining process for students. For some people, the journey to the IIM is divine in itself, the love for taking one of the toughest exams and the euphoria of succeeding in this test of tests which paves the way for entry to the IIMs. On the other hand, the same Cat preparation has other side of students who lament and rue the fact about the difficulty of Cat and take the exam with a touch of anguish.

The CAT preparation is a two way process and starts much before a student opens the first book. It all starts in the mind and in the attitude of the student. Preparation for Cat has its side effects like you may come to know shades of your personality that even you did not know. It will teach you to be a good manager even before you start on the journey of management. Those who are working would know this better.

Unless or until you set yourself totally free for this exam, everyone giving CAT at some or the other stage in his life has some preoccupation and wonders about Cat preparation.

Since the CAT preparation has moved online, the preparation strategy for Cat has come of age. Test, pattern and schedules have moved online that have enabled easier access to knowledge databases and resources.

There are forums like Pagalguy which help a student in answering every scintilla of doubt regarding Cat preparation are ironical in themselves. Ironical because no one answers your question with some monetary or other benefit in his mind, rather your own competitors help you on your journey.


Strange…isn’t it? Such is the enigma of this Cat preparation that you see people giving this exam again and again and relishing the conquests of their journey. We are not talking about the normal students but you can indeed find a lot of people giving CAT just because they love this exam so much.

CAT preparation thus assumes a totally different role under the circumstances. You can either fret or regret that the population of India has paved the way for one of the most competitive exams, even tougher than the Ivy League or you can rejoice that this same scenario has paved the way to prove to everyone and yourself what you are made of.


Do not be bogged down by the odds. Bad acads, hectic life or any other stupid reason should not bother you, at least in the written stage. If you would look at the past alumni of these coveted B-schools you will come to know that there are many a normal guy or gal or the average bloke who made it to these colleges. All it takes is intelligent hard work. Intelligent because you need to learn from the mistakes that you do along and strike with best force on the anvil.

Start your Cat preparation with a positive frame of mind and utilize the resources at your helm to the best possible use and surely you will succeed.

We are always there to help you, let us know if you have any doubts or any questions with respect to cat preparation by leaving a comment.