CAT Study Material

Cat study material is one of the most important elements that the student needs in order to succeed at this ferociously competitive exam and come out with flying colors. Apart from the coaching institutes that offer so much of study material for the preparation of CAT there are many other options that the students can avail of to get the benefits of the material for CAT.

Downloading material of CAT is an option but the best options that let you download the material are paid. The various examples of paid material download for CAT are TestFunda, Career Launcher and many others. With the fact that so many institutes have come up in recent times regarding the study of CAT, a host of choices are available with the students which they can use and become part of.

It is also worth giving your time as the cat study material may prove pivotal in guiding you through the various nuances that are required for cracking CAT.


For paid sources you can look at various options. Here are some of the options that you would like to consider for preparing for CAT.

  • Test Funda – A good website with a very good interface and support system, this website has every details that you would need for cracking CAT. You can pay them and get the desired material for preparation that they sell. They give attractive discounts and various offers.
  • TIME – Another very good source of information regarding CAT, TIME provides students with CAT study material through correspondence also. Given the time for which time has been training CAT aspirants, there are a lot of takers for it’s material.
  • Career Launcher – Career Launcher is also a very good source for CAT material that you can use on the Internet and can avail the products just like TIME.
  • Then there are institutes like Resonance, PT and IMS. IMS is most prevalent amongst these and has good course material too.
  • There is also material for CAT available like Arun Sharma books which are very well explained and sketched out. You can use these to help your goal of cracking CAT.
  • Total Gadha is also a good source of info for CAT and their ebooks are definitely worth a glance and more so the articles that they put on their website.


As you would be knowing the importance CAT study material and its use, it is also critical to know that its how you use this material that matters even more in the longer run.

For your success, it becomes imperative that you use this material to full affect. Try to find friends who have done MBA through your common friends as it has become a very common degree these days. It is not hard to locate material for CAT via a friend of someone related to you.

Rather than looking for resources on the real world, you may also like to take a look at resources on the Internet such as posed by Test Funds and many others. The most prominent of these sources have already been listed above.

You can take a look at FREE sources for study material of CAT over here.