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Should You Drop a Year For CAT Exam?

A question that students always find hard to consider is – should you or should you not drop a year for CAT?  It indeed is a very difficult question for students to answer considering the things which are normally at stake. These are a few points that come to my mind that might help students […]

Coaching For CAT – All You Need To Know

One of the most fundamental needs for student while preparing for CAT is for coaching. Given the fact that we grow up with tuitions at the primary level i.e. School, then move on to coaching for engineering or other graduate programs, by default, we start looking at various options during the postgraduate stage to help […]

Why MBA Answer

Why An MBA? I Want to Do MBA Because….

An MBA – Because… … will get me a job. Is it a bad thing to wish for? Certainly not. Will this answer be of any use to you while facing the interview panel? Most probably not. Not every interview is like this one in 3 idiot. Not a long time ago, I got a […]