Common Admission Test Preparation – Tips N Tricks !!

Common Admission Test Preparation – Intelligent Hardwork 

CAT exam always begs this question– ‘How to prepare for Common Admission Test ?’ is still asked again and again by students. The point is that the competition is tough and no matter how many people sit or don’t sit, the test for the top 1-2 percentile of students for any CAT exam is as tough as ever. Now, how can you overcome the various barriers that are presented by the exam and triumph. Here are some preparation tips that we suggest section wise:

Quantitative Aptitude Tips 

Here are some basic resources that you should do to prepare for this section of Common Admission Test

1) Complete Material of at least one coaching institue.

2) Arun Sharma Quantitative Aptitude (LOD 1 and 2 is a must do, even if you leave LOD 3)

3) Total Gadha Number System E-book.

4) Test Funda Mocks and skill builder.

5) Total Gadha Topic questions (you will find these in small font on the right hand side bar of their websites’ main page)

6) Section practice on the SIS of CL or TIME or similar for this section. It really helps build your online stamina.

7) If possible, try and do the daily questions of TestFunda too, they are nice 8) Most Important – Join Pagalguys’ Quant thread. In every article we will say this and the reason is pretty simple – ‘it rocks’. Yes, the questions asked are above the CAT standard sometimes but once you get comfortable at their level, you will get a huge boost in confidence.

Common Admission Test Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning Tips for Common Admission Test  

1) It is a personal opinion but TIME’s DI/LR and CL’s LR and really nice. Apart from that, try and solve a puzzle book like this one here.

2) Old Common Admission Test LR questions. We agree that online CAT does not have the same standard or type of questions but that is not true for each slot and you should prepare for these. After doing these in the stipulated time, try and see if you would have cleared the cut offs. That will help you gauge your standard better.

3) Arun Sharma LR/DI is a good option to go deeper into the subject. Well balance and definitely recommended.

4) Solve the weekly puzzle that is given of Test Funda, it will wreck your brains too. :)

Verbal Ability Tips for CAT Exam 

We cannot help but say to you that this section cannot be prepared by concise books alone. It has to be done in a more broader sense as the questions asked in Common Admission Test and other related exams are inferential rather than being direct. So here is what you do:

1) 1-2 novels per week. (250 words or so at least)

2) A newspaper daily. Do not skip the editorial section for the cartoon strip.

3) A magazine a fortnight. The best magazine if you ask us – ‘The Economist’. It is by far the most suited magazine for CAT. The cache – ‘It is ridiculously expensive’ for people like us. See if you can afford it as there are attractive discounts going on every now and then.

4) Now for the books – ‘CL’s RC-2 is awesome.’ By awesome we mean literally awesome. It is concise, to the point and very very relevant. Try to find it if you don’t have it. It definitely helps you with your Reading Comprehension.

5) Articles on Total Gadha by Daggny are quite nice. (I hope I got the name right..but you will find them with ease on their website)

6) Test Funda Word list via mail is good too. It just keeps you abreast with all the words that you mug up and is very relevant.

7) For Vocabulary use CLs flash cards. 8) One of the best books that we have come across for vocabulary is ‘Normal Lewis’. That about covers it up. Please be assured that we have tried our best to list out the best available resources. Our propensity towards a particular book or resource does not mean that we dislike the other or vice versa.

common admission test The thing is that there are something that you will learn on your way, we can only guide you to a limit. Plus…please do not take this advice as something like – This will guarantee success in Common Admission Test. We are not saying that, what we are saying is that these books will definitely help you in reaching there. I hope you got our point.