Eligibility For IIM

Eligibility for IIM – Overview

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The IIMs may change the eligibility for their respective courses without intimation each year. This is a very common trend. However it has been observed over the years that IIM C and the new IIMs give calls just based on the CAT scores. However, IIM banglore is notorious for looking at much more than just the profile of students.

Eligibility for IIMStudents should try and concentrate what they have in hand – i.e. to prepare for the exam to the best of their ability. The past exam which they have already given do not matter now. Its best to look at the present and move forward rather than repenting.

There are other colleges like MDI, Gurgaon and many others which are also as good an option, if not better for students. Due credence should be given to the same by students.

With the CAT exam mutating into a very conceptual paper, the studies should also be inclined in the same direction. You can actually make it to the IIM even without sound acads but the number of IIMs permitting this is very low and this is going to reduce with each passing year.

Eventually, like it or not, MBA is degree for people who have already worked in a business environment. They are the ones who can really relate very well. This does not imply that freshers should not be doing this degree, its just that by nature it is more inclined towards work ex students.

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With that, ATB for your CAT !!