CAT Exam Preparation Resources – Free and Paid

CAT Exam Preparation Resources

With CAT exam starting a fresh leaf every year, students are left scrambling for stuff on the Internet. Some are successful and some just stumble again and again on crappy websites. CAT exam this year, is no different.

To help students not familiar with some genuine and good resources, given below is a list of some helpful resources which a student can or rather must use for his preparation for CAT exam.

Cat Online Preparation Resources 

1) Pagalguy – One of the best MBA preparation resource hub on the Internet, especially for the CAT exam quant section. The paradox or irony while you join up with them is that your competitors help you in your preparation and vice versa. Such is the beauty of this exam! It shows the bonhomie that exists with respect to the CAT exam in the country.The quant thread is a must participate and other threads are also quite cool.

2) Test Funda – Well, if Pagalguy is about all issues eccentric to CAT, Test Funda is what addresses the core. It has BOTH free and paid resources for students and the free resources are no mean feat by any means.   You can, and should also subscribe to their daily and weekly updates like word list etc. It helps you build up your vocab and hones your skills likewise. It’s free and it’s there for CAT exam.

3) Total Gadha aka TG – Apart from the idisyncratic name, the stuff here is also on the same lines (in a positive way). Great tutorials, good free stuff, awesome paid stuff and a nice CBT club make up for a nice package overall. Let us just say it straight, without the number sysCAT Exam Preparation Resourcestem e-book (paid) of TG, the preparation for CAT is not complete.  Their CBT club is a real bargain for the quality it offers really. You get 8 mocks, plus tonnes of stuff for a 1000 bucks…now that is just 100+ for a Mock (a mock can be given twice), which is a real bargain (keeping the quality in tact) if you ask us. More on mocks below.

CAT exam Offline Resource

4) CL/TIME/IMS/TestFunda – Well, though there are plenty of institutes are there on the Internet providing quality education, the studies cannot be complete without the material and test series of a coaching institute.

5) Arun Sharma Books – Quality and Relevance. These two words sum up the review of his material. If you join Pagalguy, you will find that there is a separate thread for his Quant book with loads of participation. The only negative part about his books is that there are some printing errors which can topple your mind “yaar, ye aaaya kaise”. But those are far too few to refrain from buying his stuff.

That about sums it up, there are some others which you will find as you go deeper into the cat exam journey. We are trying to get MbaGlue up and running, let’s see when it becomes potent enough to figure on this list.