Free CAT Exam Preparation

Free Cat preparation

Free CAT preparation has become feasible ever since CAT has gone online and many coaching institutes and other providers have developed various modules of the paper in the online version. This has made it possible for students to continue their studies online.

In case a student finishes the basic  books of a coaching institutes and clears up his basics, one can easily move on to the online version of free cat preparation to complement his study.  There are various options from where students can get free advice and give a boost to their basic knowledge.

When the CAT dates come near, students are always seen searching for free material download links and the likes. If you look around the web, there are plenty such options available online which a student can make use and these free CAT preparation resources can be tapped by anyone.

It is often said that an MBA is of three years, the first year being the one when a student has to manage his job/last year studies with his preparation for CAT. Indeed this fact is true, and since most of the students are not big earners in themselves, it is imperative that they save every penny that they can and hence the free CAT material download and free CAT preparation resources come to the picture.


One of the best ways to start free  resources for CAT preparation is to find someone who has done the preparation before. A common start is to get all the material that you can from such a person and utilize every ounce of knowledge that he or she may possess about the exam.

One should make an attempt to pick up this material free from various coaching institutes and there are some people who want to sell their material or sometimes even donate it to other people. Resources such as Pagalguy are abound with such threads and if one is lucky enough, one can easily locate such person in their vicinity.

Next there is an option to hop on to the Internet. There are various resources on the Internet which can help a student in his studies and the likes. One of the best places to start is again Pagalguy from where you can stay abreast with the latest info and happenings on the Internet. It is a great helpful forum from where students can draw up huge knowledge and understanding of various aspects about the study.


A not so bad idea would be to approach students from your city who have made it to the B-schools and go and talk to them. There is nothing like good advice and one can easily find such information in local newspapers or classifieds.

Then there are other free CAT preparation resources like TestFunda, TotalGadha and the likes which have their free sections for cat preparation which students can make use of.

We will be posting links other free cat preparation resources soon enough.