CAT Solved Papers – Free Resources


Cat solved papers are required by students to acquaint themselves about the pattern and trends of the past cat exams. This is a very healthy practice that should be adopted by each and every MBA aspirant who wishes to crack the CAT exam.

Normally, Cat paper does not change drastically each year though some surprises are certainly packed for students. This has been nullified with the cat exam going online but the previous year paper especially of 2002 to 2008 provide a peek into the paper which you plan to crack.


The best way to use the cat solved papers is start solving these just like you would be giving a Mock cat exam. This is essential for getting a picture as to where you stand and will help you analyze your performance before giving the exam. Do not worry about the level of difficulty being affected in the online format because that is not the purpose here. The purpose is to give the cat exam even before you give the actual exam just to help you on the final day.


There are some things which you need to keep in mind while giving these exams to get the best of such exam. The first is that there are only 4 options in the online format unlike the 5 option format of the paper based cat. There is no direct support for doing DI. You need to copy the data from the screen down to the scratch sheet and then start solving. This adds to the time and can affect the performance.

CAT SOLVED PAPERS – How to use them?

Do not use the CAT solved paper before you have actually tried solving the paper yourself. Doing so will destroy the very purpose of using these papers and you would not be able to take a look at your performance.

One more useful tip would be that you revise these questions before you go to the actual exam. This will help you get a feel of the actual level of paper as the mocks conducted by most coaching institutes are much harder than the actual paper.

CAT Solved papers are also available to students who are taking coaching in various institutes. These may be uploaded to the student interface on the Internet or otherwise. We will be posting these papers on our website very soon.

If you have any question with respect to cat solved papers or have an opinion of your own, then please leave a comment below and we will get back to you.