Free Mock CAT Exam


Free mock CAT is a very good option for students preparing for their management exams to sharpen their focus and get the much needed exam practice and that too for free. Internet penetration in India is on the rise and given the fact that there are so many companies which are trying to lure in the students for various such mocks and in the process give attractive free offers to students.

Any student can avail of such free mock cat offers very easily if he/she knows the resources for these free Mock Cat test. But before giving such free mock cat one should be aware of the basic fact that giving a mock cat is not the only thing that a student should be focusing on. There are many other aspects that a student should know about and adhere to for his preparation for cat.


One of the most important facets of a free mock cat is to take the test very seriously and not casually. Every attempt that you make at CAT goes a long way in determining the success in the final run. You may tend to relax as this is just a free mock cat but do not be entrapped by such thought process.

Secondly, one should always analyze the results of these free mock cats as much as possible. CAT mock for free are not just to lure students for their products but if used tactically, free mock cat can eventually help a student sharpen his skills and get better with each test.

Thirdly, use these free mock cat tests to assess your potential and fill the forms of different colleges accordingly. However, the thing to remember with these mock tests for cat is that do not rely on just the results of one particular source. Use different set of guidelines and then do the needful.

Now, a very good way to know where to invest your money to would be know which test series you find useful after trying different options and then applying to these if you want to get a paid option. Not all institutes give free mock cat but some do.

Though we have advised you to take the test seriously, we would not advise the same for the results. Use your results as a guideline for filling up colleges and the likes but do not be disheartened if you don’t score the desired marks as per your expectations.

Also, if it’s a free mock does not mean that it is easy by any means. The quality of the mock may be down but the students giving these mock test are very able just like you are and hence the cut offs go higher and the students end up scoring more. Even with a good score you may end up with a low percentile so watch out for this facet with caution.

A good way to keep it tight would be to give the mock test at the same time as you wish to give your CAT exam i.e. at the time when you are the most active.


Apart from that, some leading institutes conduct free mock test once they start their test series every season. This happened for the year 2010 and one of the leading competitors of these people also gave a free offer. Stay connected to cash in on these free mock cat!!