Going For Test Series – Now is the right Time !!

Joining a test series is one of the most important pre requisites for cracking the CAT exam. It is important in the sense that it gives you a field day at the exam and the ability to see your weak and strong areas in a new light. Almost, all the students preparing for CAT do give Test Series a serious thought as a medium for effective preparation of the exam.

We recommend that students join two test series – TIME has the best test series among all coaching provides IMHO. However, the post exam analysis is poor to state the least. Also, the level of questions is pretty high as compared to the actual CAT exam.

Career Launcher test series is perhaps the hardest of the lot. Post exam analysis is good but the test series is costly and questions being tough, are un realistic to state the least. I remember getting the cut off at 8 marks when I was preparing for CAT. However, CAT needs you to solve a hefty number of questions of medium to hard level in order to qualify and hence such tough questions are rendered hopelessly insignificant for most students.

IMS is a good series provider but the content is average for most students.

Test Funda – The test series is at par with CAT exam. The only problem is that not too many students give Test Funda Test Series if compared to TIME. However, the post exam analysis is just magnificent to state the least. Heck, even the color of the background window is exactly similar to actual CAT exam. Also, you can give a demo test which no other provider currently provides to students.

Currently TF is running a discount of 25% on their products using coupon code >>  PREPCAT12 . Add to this the coupon code >>

SHGEPFX . The test series is worth 1750 that contains 31 CAT level exam and previous 5 year (written) solved papers.

Using both the codes together, you can get it for 1115 INR only. A discount of around 40%.

The discount applies to all other products like Rank Booster, which helps you increase your mock scores by creating custom test in areas that you are weak.

If you are preparing for CMAT or XAT, then you can take a look at website we have just prepared xat.mbaglue.com and cmat.mbaglue.com