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IIM Distance Learning Education 



Let us get our facts straight in the first place. IIMs do not offer MBA via distance learning mode, neither are the courses offered via distance mode equivalent to MBA. What they do offer are certain programs via distance mode.

However, these courses are very well developed and useful for working professionals depending on the need of the same.

Only a few IIMs offer distance education programs to students. These colleges are:

  1. IIM Calcutta
  2. IIM Banglore
  3. IIM Kozhikode
  4. IIM Lucknow

Eligibility Criteria 

Depending on the particular course that you wish to pursue, the eligibility criteria would always be different. However, a general overview about the eligibility criteria is mentioned below for further perusal .

Bachelor/CAs/ICWA with no less than 1 year of work ex (can vary depending on the course being opted for). The candidates desirous  of taking admission to IIM distance program need to take a national level exam, then clear one interview and pay the request fee for the course. IIM K was the pioneer of distance education among the IIMs, however, of late, quite a few IIMs have opened up the distance education cell to catalyze this mode of education for students.

Fee for the Correspondence Course

  • The fee can vary from 3 Lakh INR to around 5 Lakh INR, depending on the course you wish to pursue.
  • Education at IIMs does not come cheap and students should be very careful while choosing the same.

Further Details For Students to Consider

  • The classes are conducted via the online media using both visual and video modes.
  • You need to do certain courses online and some of these at the campus itself.
  • You can pursue these courses alongside your job.
  • Grilling sessions at the IIMs in the distance courses are quite common and the content of the course is very good.
  • The courses are conducted via the Hughes Global Education Network. They are the trusted partner of IIMs for conducting classes.
  • Recently, IIM Lucknow is also following the path and offering distance education to students. You can read about IIM Lucknow Distance MBA over here

Courses Offered Via Distance Mode To Students Include – 

IIM Kozhikode Programs 

The details regarding these programs can be found over here. You can read further details about IIM K program over here. 

  • Executive Post Graduate Program (ePGP) – 2 Year Program, Fee is 5 lakhs, 5 year work ex, Graduates/CA/ICWA are eligible, national level exam is conducted for students, followed by an Interview.
  • Executive Education Program in General Management – 1 Year Program, 2.63 Lakh fee, rest same as above
  • Executive Education Program in Strategic Management – 1 Year Program, 1 Lakh Onward Fee, rest same as above
  • Executive Education Program in Operations Management
  • Executive Education Program In Finance

IIM Calcutta Courses 

In addition to the work ex requirement ranging from 2-5 years, candidates should have 50% marks at graduation level in order to be eligible for the course. Get details regarding these programs over here.  Read complete details on IIM Calcutta distance program over here. 
A list of some of the programs has been mentioned below:
  • Executive Program in Business Management
  • Executive Program for Young Professionals
  • Executive Program in Global Business Management
  • Executive Program in International Business
  • Executive Program on Business Analytics
  • Executive Program in Sales and Marketing

IIM Banglore Correspondence Courses 

The details regarding the open programs of IIM Banglore can be found over here. You can start applying online to these programs over here.

  • Management Program for Women Entrepreneurs
  • Executive General Management Program
  • General Management Program for IT Executives
  • Advanced Management Program
  • Advanced Financial Risk Management
Just like the other two IIMs, IIM Banglore coordinates and entrance test, Interview and demands work experience.

Is This Course Right For You?  

As you would have noticed, the fee for the courses is very high. Also, these programs are not equivalent to an MBA. If you are desirous of an MBA from IIM, then a regular MBA or regular executive MBA would be a good option i.e. Given that you can clear it.

With these programs listed above, one should choose only if one knows as to what exactly one is doing. IIMs do not help you in placements if you do these courses in any manner whatsoever. So please be advised !

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