IIM Eligibility Application – How it works?


IIM Eligibility Criteria Analysis 

Ha..so you found out the eligibility and want to know how it works…eh? So here it is, finally on how the application works and how good or bad it is.

So let’s get the basic structure straight: 

  • The application gives a general idea of your profile and not an ironclad result, so take it with a pinch of salt please.
  • It’s more conservative i.e. if there is a 50-50 probability of being eligible, it would rather show that you are eligible than showing them you are not.
  • To ensure the most accurate picture, put all your marks (yes ICSE/ISC, it su#ks, but that’s what IIMs want) and then add your percentage. Convert your CGPA to percentage as per your university criteria or by dividing your GPA with the highest grade and multiplying by 100.
  • This application is only for the flagship courses, so if you are looking at IIM Ahmedabad Agri Business etc. it does not cover that as of now.
  • It’s been assumed that you can score 99.5-100%ile in CAT and 99.1x-99.9x %ile is taken as a raw score of 346-350, thus assuming that you may score somewhere in that region, thus making you eligible for an IIM. This is what this application is all about – to help out students who want to know if they are eligible for an IIM even before they give the CAT exam.

As of the changing trends, an engineer, male, general has the hardest route forward into an IIM. While a girl, category, non engineer arguably has the easiest route in terms of entry (ceteris paribus). 

So let’s talk about each of the IIMs individually now:

IIM Ahmedabad

Well, they have a system in which they calculate an APR, give 30% weightage to it and70% to the CAT score. Then they just join them together, create a merit list and you are done. APR is composed of – your 10th, 12th and graduation marks and also have inputs for work experience and post graduation. Note that the first three matter substantially more than the latter two in the determination of the APR.


  • Simple and straight method that is easy to understand. 
  • Clearly, a student knows what to expect and at what percentile he or she will get a call.


  • No normalization for students who graduate from the UP board or related educational institutes which have a notorious history of not giving marks to students. 

Moving on,

IIM Banglore, Lucknow, Indore and Kozhikhode

Well, it’s not possible to point out towards these colleges with much surety whatsoever. Since they normalize the marks that students have scored as per their custom data, it becomes net to impossible to track how it works. However, I remember reading an article where a student filed an RTI with IIM Banglore. That did showed a glimpse of how the normalization worked but I can’t seem to find that post online now, if anyone has that handy, please leave a comment below, it would be much appreciated.

IIM Calcutta 

Again, pretty straightforward like IIM Ahmedabad, with girls enjoying certain advantages. There is a specific slab that they have, easy enough to understand. Just like IIM A, you get the points, merit is prepared and voila, you get to know if you are eligible or not. However, IIM C gives much more weightage to the CAT score over the past academic record and no bias against engineers. 🙂


Again, pretty quantitative method, everything laid out quite honestly and neatly. Girls and non engineers get an advantage over others. Interesting point to note is that people with 36-48 months of work experience get maximum points while those with higher work ex get lesser weightage.

IIM Shillong 

The title for the most idiotic selection criteria goes to IIM Shillong. They are crazy regarding grad percentage, i.e. 80% for general candidate. Who studies in grad man? They normalize the school marks though, thus rendering the process shady. The same reason causes the “MAYBE” sign to appear because if you are scoring above 80% as a general candidate, you might be eligible depending how the normalization of your high school marks is calculated.

So, that’s about it. I believe I have not missed any. Then there are cases where some IIMs are believed to consider students who score exceptionally well in CAT, like 100% or similar who get calls. However, no official data to this effect was found by me while researching for this article. If anyone has some concrete details, feel free to leave those below.

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