The material for CAT is an essential part of studies for any student who aspires to be a good manager after passing out of a good MBA college. It all starts with preparation and this preparation starts with good material for CAT. Given the fact that there are so many option available to students these days, it is very easy for a student to end up being confused about which material to select and which one to discard. With this in mind, some students end up making a wrong choice and suffer the consequences.

If you take into picture the fact that the preparation for CAT has gone online, the material for CAT has spiraled from the pencil paper format to the online format. This makes it even more difficult for students to choose the right material for preparation of CAT.

We have selected some reliable and prominent names of the coaching industry which quality study material for CAT study to students.


TIME – Triumphant Institute of Management is without doubt one of the best coaching institutes in the country and provides high quality material for CAT preparation to students. Most of the modules especially Quant section is very well covered by TIME. It is arguably the most popular cat coaching institute in the country.

CL- Career Launcher is the staunch competitor to TIME and provides as good a material as TIME especially for VA section. One can subscribe to the course material of both these institutes by correspondence also. They have an excellent SIS (Student Information System) and a very well designed website with an excellent interface. They run their online modules or online material for CAT which do not form part of their regular classroom coaching.

IMS, Resonance and others – These are some more popular choices that students have with IMS being the most popular ones. Good material and nice support, they have their own online test series too which makes these options a complete package for material of CAT.

Material for Cat is also available online for students especially for working professionals…here is a list of sources that are one of the best in the industry.

Test Funda – The best source for online preparation of CAT. Hands Down!! You can give free mock CAT here, sign up for their material etc and attractive packages and discounts.

Total Gadha – Total Gadha is a good source for material for CAT. The stuff is in online format and they even sell e-books. We haven’t looked into the e-books but the CBT club is good to state the least.

MbaUniverse, OnestopMBA etc are also good sources of material for CAT.

If you wish to get queries answered you can sign up on to get help of fellow puys and the likes. A jolly good forum website !!

There are some other books of individual authors which you can supplement into your CAT preparation with the most popular one being by Arun Sharma, boy does this IIM-B alumni explain well !! Exceptional material for CAT and superb stuff – Highly recommended is the quant book (that is the only one we have tested) but we were mighty impressed by this stuff.

TIME has included a Quant book too in it’s material for CAT and students can buy that. We don’t know how good that book is but given the reputation of that book and its description page show that it is quite promising.

These are some of the best resources on Material for CAT out there and if you know of one, please tell us, we are listening !! 🙂