Mock CAT Exam Papers


Mock Cat Papers are an effective tool for any student who wishes to appear for CAT. There are many paid and free mock CAT papers available these days that allow a student to perk up his studies in the right manner.

Often, it is very easy for a student to get lost in the labyrinth of advice that is always pouring in from all corners. It is very easy under such circumstances to lose the way of healthy preparation as students end up getting confused. CAT mock papers are such tools that keep the student on track and act like mirrors that reflect the true potential of the student back to him/her.

This becomes very important in the roundup for preparation of Cat and especially since CAT has gone online, there are online mock cat papers available these days too. One can make a use of these Mock CAT papers and put the preparation on fast burner.

We have listed many sources for such mock cat papers on our website and most of these sources are very good and help a student judge his path among the myriad choices available.


One of the most common source of mock cat papers are the coaching institutes in India. These coaching institutes help a student assess the true potential of the student.

A crucial part of Mock CAT papers is that one should know how to assess the results. Most of the mock cat paper providers across the country give in depth analysis for analyzing the potential. This analysis goes way beyond the normal score and into sub-sections of the three sections.

Students can analyze their performance in various sub sections too and come out with the required Achilles heel. One can then work hard on this aspect and gain the upper hand in the future mocks. This is a great tool that contributes significantly to better results in future. Students should imbibe this habit of analyzing each mock cat for long periods. It can improve the score tremendously and you can end up making wild discoveries about yourself.

Online mock cat are being provided by various agencies and here are some of the best options that are available to the student these days:-

1)      TIME – Good material and good mock papers. A choice of many students in India.

2)      CL– Again, the nearest competitor to TIME (arguably) and has a good set of mock papers

3)      IMS – A renowned name in this field and provides mock papers to thousands of students

4)      Test Funda – A virtual classroom where students can get a lot of material. They have some free options too and quite a few free tools that are really nice. They offer attractive discounts from time to time.

5)     Total Gadha – It is again an awesome tool for Cat preparation and highly recommended for students.

6)      Then there are many websites on the Internet where one can get various Cat preparation materials.


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3)      Source 3

We will be posting more mock cat papers shortly !!