Mock CAT Test : Complete Understanding!!


Mock CAT test is a simulated CAT exam that is carried out by various institutes in India to help the students in their preparation for CAT. There are various options available for students who wish to give Mock CAT and with each passing year, Mock CATs have become an essential part of the studies for students.

How many Mock CATs should I give?

We recommend not giving Mock CAT in heaps and bounds. Take it easy, do not be overawed by them and DO NOT overdo these and be exhausted. 10-15 Mock CAT would essentially be enough starting 3-4 months before the date of exam.

How many Mock CAT TEST series should I join?

We recommend joining two series at one time. This gives you a better picture and some classes have advantage over the others, so an extra test series does help.

Which Mock CAT test series to join?

TIME is good especially the Quant questions are excellent, CL is good and has the best analysis platform for your performance (more on that below) and IMS, Test Funda, Total Gadha are all nice. Choose any two !! We recommend these does not mean that we deride other series…it’s just that we have only tested these ourselves and this is just personal opinion being reflected over here.

How to analyze the results?

Notice the questions that you were able to do and what you were not able to solve. Slowly, you will be able to notice your grey shades, white shades and black shades. You can increase your score substantially by working on the grey and black shades i.e. the weaker areas.  Career Launcher has an astounding analysis platform..simply brilliant.

One is expected to spend double the time analyzing the paper after one is through with the exam. If you spend ‘n’ time in solving the Mock CAT test then spend ‘2n’ in analyzing it. This will help you immensely and giving the mock CAT test is not the purpose of the whole exercise, knowing what you are capable of doing is!!

Should you take the Mock CAT test seriously?

Take the Mock Cat test seriously but not the results…confused??

See the thing is that your score is going to vary greatly in these cat mock tests and this is very normal. You may have a good outing and sometimes you won’t. Just focus on improving every time and most importantly when the actual CAT comes – ‘Peak on the final day.’ This is one more reason why we do not recommend you giving large number of Mock Exams as they dilute your efforts and you may become insipid over a period of time.

That is all there is to know about Mock CAT test, if there is anything else you would like to ask then please write us a comment, we would love to answer you.