Mock CAT Exam – Must Know Tips For Students

Mock CAT

With CAT going online in the year 2009, there are a lot of speculation and more so need of students to give Mock CAT online and otherwise. So what is a Mock CAT? Mock Cat is a simulated CAT that a student gives under the same testing conditions as CAT or at least the manifestation are the same as the original CAT exam. The trick is to give students practice and exposure to the final day exam.

Given the fact that a large number of students wish to give Mock CAT every year, there are many option available on the Internet these days, paid and unpaid, which a student can make use of and get the required exposure in the time of need.

What are the options in front of the student for giving Mock CAT?

Well most of the coaching institutes that prepare students for CAT offer Mock CATs as bundled products with the classroom program or even separately. TIME runs it’s Mock CAT by the name of AIMCAT, CL has its own name and others follow suit.

The TIME AIMCAT (as per our knowledge) attract the maximum number of students who take part in Mock CAT in India. This number can be as high as 1 lakh in some cases but hovers around 80Ks in most cases.

The most crucial factor while giving the Mock CATs is not what you score but a thorough analysis of the facet where you failed. This gives the student the area where he should be working on to improve his score. It is believed that if you spent 2 hours giving a Mock CAT then you should spend 5 hours in analyzing your results.

Further Details Regarding Mock CAT

With this regard, the CL MOCK CAT test has a great imbibed feature in themselves. The SIS or the student information system of CL is simply superb and very user friendly. All the stats that the student needs to know about a particular test can be seen by the student.

We are not biased against any particular Mock CAT but these are the two test series that we have interacted with and given you our views.

For success in CAT exam, one should be ready to give Mock CAT at will but there are certain things that should be kept in mind while one gives these Mock CAT.

The first thing is to take these tests seriously and the scores not so seriously. The fact is that your score will fluctuate like anything in the Mock CAT; at least with most of the students, this is normal. The Mock CAT should be taken seriously but do not fret on the scores, use the results as a platform to improve your preparation and do not allow yourself to be affected by the results.

Secondly, do not over do this. Yes, giving Mock CAT is helpful, analyzing it is even more helpful but do not drain yourself and give more than 10 Mock CAT exams. Take regular brakes and work on them.

Common Mistakes While Giving Mock Exams

There is another common mistake that student’s make i.e. they wait that they complete the entire syllabus before giving Mock CAT. Do not be fooled by this belief. Give you Mock CAT even if you are not prepared fully, there are many benefits that you will notice, the primary one being that you learn to concentrate for a prolonged period.

It is quite easy to cheat in such Mock CATs so please do not do that. Let the Mock CAT exams reflect your true potential. You are going to fool no one by such methods but yourself.

Then there are many online free Mock CAT that the students can give in order to brush up their skills. One can refer to numerous such sources on the Internet for their studies.

Start your Mock CAT exam 2-3 months before your exam date and finally ‘Peak on the FINAL D-DAY’. This is one more reason why we suggested not giving more than 10 Mock CATs. You can always solve questions online for practice but don’t overdo your Mock CAT in any manner.

Last but not the least, take it one test at a time, and as someone said keep mocking.

If you have any question with respect to mock cat then please leave a comment below.