Questions for the CAT Exam

Questions for CAT

Questions for Cat are commonly searched by students every year and given the fact that CATs’ online version has an even spread across various sections, the importance of varied questions across different sections has improved considerably. This has ensured that students are studying all the sections and attacking a lot more questions than they would normally do.

Where to Find Questions for CAT?

There are various sources on the Internet and otherwise which provide free questions for CAT. You just need to know where to look for these questions and that is what we are going to tell you and also how to use the resources properly. In fact, that is the job for which this blog cum website has been created.

Questions For CAT in Forums

Ok…Pagalguy is the best. Period. If you are good at mathematics, the official quant thread that runs on this website is simply superb. However, there is a cache! If you are not good at mathematics and get discouraged very soon, then do not join this thread immediately.

First clear your basics and then join up. Mostly the students answering and asking the questions for CAT on this thread are IIM material. So choose according to where you stand and make sure that you log in at least once a day. It’s an excellent way to keep your concepts fresh as hundreds of questions are thrown to your face every day and you are at your own to answer them. No liability, just your wish. Join when you like, exit when you like. A superb place really!!

Websites for CAT questions

Total Gadha is a fantastic place and the above stated rules apply aptly for this website too. However, the pedagogy of this website is simply outstanding. They have some free stuff and charge some restricted area like their CBT club. At 1000 bucks a pop, it ain’t a bad investment at all. Definitely worth it, if you are willing to spend some time over there.

They dish out questions for cat on regular basis and in addition to that explain various fundas related to CAT too.

Another website defintely worth a mention is TestFunda. It is a superhub and has many advanced options for users. You get question in DI/LR, Quant and English right in your Email+Updates+wordlist+Gd/PI. Can’t get any better than that and they do not charge a single penny for these services. All you have to do is just sign up and they start dishing out questions for cat right away for students.

Apart from these sources, you can take help of your friends studying in any coaching institute etc. For english, it ain’t that bad an idea to go for SAT books and related questions. The crux is the same and prepares you well for your CAT.