Test Series – A must have for students !!

Test series are essential while preparing for CAT. Not only do they give you practice but also prepare you for the D-Day and give you feel of where you stand. The best part is that you are compared to students across the globe which helps you assess your capabilities and more importantly your weakness.

Please be very careful that you do not chicken out of giving these small tests. Many students also worry that they will give their tests once they finish the entire syllabus which is a very wrong state of mind while preparing for CAT. Even if you are not through with the entire syllabus, you should definitely go for the test series due to many advantages as already stated above.

Also, once you are done with test series tests, spend double the time in assessing your weak areas. This is where post exam analysis kicks in. Career Launcher and Test Funda have one of the best interface for post exam analysis in our opinion with the latter also offering one free test for students, is much cheaper (see discount code) and has host of functionality. The former, however, has a much larger pool of students. So choose wisely as per your needs.

Since a lot of students these days might be looking for test series and material to buy/join in order to give more influx to their studies, we called up test funda to find something exclusive for our students yet again.

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