The XAT exam is an annual exam conducted by Xavier Labor Research Institute aka XLRI, Jamshedpur India for admission into its various courses. Not only are the XAT scores valid just for the conducting college but also for a lot many institutes. Some prominent names include XIMB, Welinkar, GIM, Loyala and many more.

The XAT exam is like a cushion exam for students who may have screwed up their CAT. Another advantage of giving XAT is that unlike many other exams and colleges, there is no cap of 50% at graduation level for students. Hence, the target audience of exam is broader than that of CAT.

Let’s move on to look at the XAT exam in itself.


The XAT exam, unlike the online CAT is much more precarious than the current CAT. It does not have a pre-specified structure like CAT but still it is possible to classify it under various sections. Broadly speaking, the paper is divided into three sections i.e. LR/Case Studies, Quant/DI, VA. For those of you who do not know, LR is logical reasoning, Quant is mathematics, DI is data interpretation (tables vagarah) and VA mein English aati hai…Oops…I changed my language in between!!

The LR section in the XAT exam contains some pretty hard questions to state the least. The trick is to choose the right set and solve it. The cut off is normally around 30-35%age of the total score. However, another section of this paper is Decision Making or Case Studies which makes up around 40% of this section. It is easy to understand the problems of such type but it’s precarious to choose the right one from the given choices. The best procedure is to choose the most ethical decision under all circumstances. So start learning ethics right away (PJ)

Ok, so what are we left with in this XAT exam? Ah..the Quant. Ok..this is pretty similar to Cat. Not much difference really except for the presence of some questions from higher mathematics. If you do not know higher mathematics, do not fret!! It’s fine; you can still clear the cut off without getting entangled in these questions. Historically though, the higher mathematics questions are pretty easy comparatively.

The VA has a heavy element of Critical reasoning. In fact, alternate thinking is the essence of the xat exam. So make sure you keep abreast with the same before starting your voyage for this exam.


First things first – Do not go into the exam hall with an audacious mindset. Be flexible and accommodating towards surprises as there will definitely be some or the other every time around. What we have written above about the XAT exam is just a rough idea based on past papers. This is not iron clad and susceptible to change, so be cautious.

Do not fret over lack of higher mathematics skills, if you have never studied that before. Stick to what you know already.

For Case Studies, try the book 101 ethical dilemmas. It’s believed that the questions are by product of this book in one way or the other. Mind you, the book does not have questions. Only situations!! But still, it’s definitely worth it as it will familiarize you with the situation at hand.

If you have any query or any information related to the XAT exam, then please leave a comment below and we will get back to you.