Don’t Miss Out On the Top 10 Colleges Under the XAT Exam

List of Best Colleges that Accept XAT Score

Xavier Aptitude Test happens to be one of the most grueling management exams in India. One has to keep his wits about himself to come to terms with such a paper. Based solely on paper content, it is perhaps tougher than CAT. However, the relative competition for CAT is what makes it edge upwards overall. Given the fact that the exam tests students in myriad ways, there are many top colleges which accept XAT scores for admission to their programs.

Officially, when signing up for XAT, you would find thousands of colleges, however, most of these are not at par with the ones that you would ideally be dreaming of. So we present the list of  the best colleges under XAT.

The Top 10 College List

Name Of College

Rough Estimate of Percentile Required

Xavier Labor Research Institute (XLRI)   92%ile cut off overall and sectional cut off needs to be cleared too.
SP Jain Institute of Management, Mumbai  85%ile and calls based on the profile of students.
IMT, Ghaziabad   90%ile
Xavier Institute of Management, Bhuwaneshwar   90%ile cut off overall and sectional cut offs.
Welingkar, Mumbai   85%ile
Goa Institute of Management (GIM)   70%ile
TAPMI   80%ile
LIBA   80%ile
XISS, Ranchi   75%ile
SDM IMD, Mysore   75%ile.


Note that scoring the required marks is a prerequisite for the next stage – i.e. interview and group discussion. Also, the cut offs mentioned are tentative and tend to change every year. These are just to give you are general idea and for the latest information, refer to the college website or ask a question on Pagalguy.

The cut off indicated is the minimum you might need to attain in order to get a call from the college. However, the final conversion call for colleges tend to be slightly higher than the minimum cut off, so make sure you target a higher number.

On What Basis Are These Colleges Ranked? 

Most of these colleges feature in the Pagalguy B school list in relative order. Just that we filtered them out based on the colleges which accept XAT. There may be some discrepancy and prejudice but we believe that these colleges give a fair idea to students regarding the best colleges to which they can apply under this exam.

It’s very hard to rank colleges, but personally, XLRI and S P Jain are in a league of their own, the next three fall in the 2nd tier and from then on its third tier and beyond.

It’s best that you apply to these colleges based on the score that you get in the Mocks or else you would end up being bankrupt as each college costs a lot in the application fee and it adds up when you are giving multiple exams.

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