XAT 2010 Exam Analysis and Update

XAT 2010

XAT 2010 aka Xavier Aptitude Test 2010 was a bombshell. After the CAT 2009, students were thinking of a breather but XAT served exactly the opposite, perhaps the toughest XAT question paper ever in the history of the exam.


XAT 2010 had 3 sections, a total of 101 questions to be completed in a stipulated time of 120 minutes. This was followed the customary essay at the end of the exam, with the topic “There is enough for everyone’s need but not enough for everyone’s greed.” The Copenhagen summit was doing the rounds at that instant and we wonder if the topic had an uncanny stem running in respect of environment specifically. However, the topic could have been tackled in more ways than one. The essay had to be completed in the normal 20 minutes after the exam was over.

Anyways, getting back to the XAT 2010 exam, let’s just focus on the sections now.


As stated above, the XAT paper had three sections, the first one

1)      LR/DM sets – LR stands for Logical Reasoning and DM for Decision Making sets – neither were easy. In fact, most institutes, and rightly so, labeled the section very difficult indeed. There was one caselet that was easy, it was just a matter of spotting that one. The DM sets had a total of 12 questions and were very thought provoking. The coaching institutes (seeing by their keys) were not able to find a common solution on more than one occasion (we don’t blame them, the answers were agonizingly close). However, 7-8 questions with very high accuracy could have been attempted by students. For LR, there was one set on Binary Logic, other on logical consistency and one on Airlines, these three should have been the target of students in an ideal case scenario. There was another analytical reasoning set which could have been attempted. An attempt of 6-8 questions in 25 minutes was good by any means.

2)      Quant/DI – Unlike the CAT exam, XAT clubs its DI section along with Quant. Also, if you would have taken a look at the XAT 2009 Paper, you would have noticed that the DI questions were a tad easy. Anyone with a predefined mindset about DI questions would have definitely had a nightmare as most of the questions were undoable. One had to manipulate the given data heftily, and relate it with the questions to get the required answer. Quant was not easy either but someone with good basics of Percentages and related topics would have found the some doable questions. Someone with an 11 correct and one wrong got a 99.5x percentile in this section.

3)     VA – This section had a lot of questions from Critical Reasoning, a crucial element of XAT and GMAT exam. Another expected part was the dense RC passages which were highly inferential in nature. There were around 12 questions in all under this. There were 5-6 questions on Vocabulary and no question on grammar. The cut off was in single digits.

XAT 2010 was definitely not a smooth sailing paper, but then XLRI is no ordinary college either. As with the XAT 2009 exam, the cut offs were in the lower 30s.


  • XAT is a supreme test of accuracy. One has to keep this factor in mind before answering a question. Except for XAT 2010, normally the penalizing is high and is of varying nature.
  • Expect the unexpected in XAT. It could be varying marking scheme, a passage from Matrix (the movie) or Figure of Speech based questions, XAT never fails to entice the wits of the students. The paper setters are very creative indeed.
  • Practice a lot of Analytical Reasoning (for LR) and Critical Reasoning (for English).
  • Develop a sound Vocabulary as it comes to play much more frequently in XAT than CAT.
  • 101 Ethical Dilemmas – give it a through read. (for DM sets)
  • Practice dense RC sets. Short and crisp ones which make you go Ughhh….
  • Last but not the least, solve last 3 year papers to get a feel of the exam. Take AIMXAT or similar exam for extra practice if you want.