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10 Best Universities To Complete Your MBA 

10 Best Universities To Complete Your MBA 

A career in business studies starts with finding the best MBA program. You can narrow down your search on the basis of location, test scores, curriculum, and fee structure. Below you will find a comprehensive list of 10 best universities in the world where you can consider to get enrolled for your MBA studies:

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  1. University of Pennsylvania

The Wharton MBA program offered by the University of Pennsylvania tops the list of best business schools in the world. Prospective students can select a variety of specializations including HRM, International Business Marketing, Finance, etc.

The Wharton School was America’s first business school and is famous today for its largest alumni in the country. With $72,300 annual fee, it is also believed to be one of the expensive choices for business studies.

  1. Harvard University

The HBS MBA is another great option for students who want to pursue a degree in business management while focusing on real-world approaches. This 2-year MBA program lands with a general management curriculum. The main focus is on case studies that help students learn decision-making and the best practices that can help them face real-world challenges. To get admission in the world-renowned HBS, you have to drop a written application. You will be called for an interview if your application gets approved by the authorities. Candidates are also needed to submit a response within 24 hours of the interview.

  1. London Business School

Kick-start a great business career by getting yourself enrolled in the London Business School. International companies visit campuses throughout the year to recruit the graduates which give students an opportunity to work with the world’s finest companies. You can select three electives from a range of 40 subjects. London Business school also offer global immersion field trips and other skills programs to customize the learning process to your particular career goals and objectives.

  1. NUS

With great faculty and longstanding excellence in the field of business studies, NUS is another great option for students looking to pursue a degree in Business Administration. Interested students can select one of the two available programs based on their level of expertise. Although NUS is ranked 17 in this year’s FT Global rankings, the research and reports suggest that it is not very conducive to pursue a Master’s degree in Singapore. Why? Mainly due to the high cost of living in Singapore. If you’re thinking of studying in NUS, do consider a few factors.

  1. HEC

HEC Paris has a long-established reputation for educating future entrepreneurs and leaders. The university has graduated hundreds of CEOs, CFOs, and successful business owners. The HEC-offered MBA program introduces prospective students to the new and smart ways of thinking at the same time putting forward a world of opportunities in the business world. There are three available MBA programs including MBA, Executive MBA, and Trium.


INSEAD is yet another great option for students who’re looking to experience academic vigor, outclass diversification and amazing career opportunities. With superb faculty, INSEAD is a popular business school with campuses in Abu Dhabi, Singapore, and France. Particularly, for its MBA programs, INSEAD is rated as one of the finest business schools for QS and Bloomberg. Interested candidates can apply online through a comprehensive application system available on the website.

  1. Stanford University

Whether you have clear objectives or you’re still unearthing the new opportunities, Stanford Graduate School of Business will help you achieve your career goals. Stanford University gives its students an opportunity to work in collaboration with the career management center to spawn a customized career plan based on which your personal, as well as professional competencies and skills, would be developed.

  1. Koç University

Koç University is situated in the heart of Turkey, Istanbul. It is one of the well-known business institutes which is famous worldwide for its incredible alumni and top-notch education. The university reviews its programs on a routine basis in order to ensure that the curriculum manifests the current trends in business management.

  1. EDHEC Business School

EDHEC Business School is located in Nice, France. The business school offers a variety of concentrations/subjects to its prospective students. Ranked in the list of top 100 MBA institutes in the Financial Times, EDHEC is certainly one of the best options when it comes to business studies.

  1. MIT

MIT Sloan is all about diversity and innovation. Whatever your career objectives are, your time at MIT will be a life-transforming experience. The institute offers full-time 2-years MBA program with a huge variety of elective subjects to pick from. Action-based learning through case studies and practical business models help students become leaders in observational learning.

So, which one of these universities do you think is worth your time and efforts? Be sure to drop your comments below!


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