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17 Things A First Time GMAT Aspirant Should Know

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17 Things A First Time GMAT Aspirant Should Know

Post Graduation is an honor for many of us and why should it not be? It takes dedication and continuous investment of our time, money and effort. And at the end, when the qualification reflects with your name, it seems to be all worth it. However, in order to reach that final moment, there are several steps to be taken and GMAT marks the beginning of that journey.

The Graduate Management Admission Test for post graduation courses is an important exam to be cracked and get a seat reserved in the pristine universities of the world. So if you are planning on your very first attempt for this exam, here are the most important tips that you should know about GMAT.

The Prerequisite Of GMAT

  • The GMAT exam is recognized in 114 countries of the world offering courses for management programs like MBA.
  • This exam opens the gate for many colleges offering courses for post graduation management programs.
  • The exam is conducted multiple times a year and can also be attempted by an aspirant up to 
  • 5 times in a year. However, the maximum limit for GMAT exams attempts is 8 for each aspirant. The minimum time difference between two attempts of this exam should be at least 16 days.
  • It is a computer-based adaptive test which focuses on the areas of writing and analytical skills, verbal and reading skills along with quantitative ones. Additionally, there are sections of General Knowledge and basic knowledge of geometry, algebra, and arithmetic is also tested.

 The GMAT Score

  • All in all, around 2300 business graduate school accept this score for admission to more than 7000 courses offered every year.
  • The GMAT score is valid for 5 years and is held for a duration of 3 hours and 7 minutes.

The GMAT Exam

  • There is a standard exam that is conducted in 114 countries at more than 650 test centers across the globe.
  • The maximum marks that one can score in a GMAT exam are 800.  For each individual who has attempted the exam, there is a score out of 800 and a percentile which is announced.
  • The percentile is generally preferred over the score to set the qualification boundary by universities and colleges. However, the percentile is calculated from the score itself but it is an overall representation of the candidate among all the aspirants who have given that exam.
  • The perfect 800 in GMAT is toughest of all. Other than that, a score of above 750 helps an aspirant to get a seat in the prestigious Institute of management and answers the most delicate question of what is a good GMAT score.
  • The score between 700-750 is considered good and that of 650-700 calls for an above average performance. Yet these numbers are capable of getting you admitted to the reputed institutes for management courses. For the ones who are aiming for the top 10 colleges, they have to manage the bar of 715 to get a chance to be qualified for further rounds by these institutes.

Preparing For GMAT

  • To get the best score of above 715 and the best college, the first thing to be done is come up with a plan that can be followed regularly.
  • But a good GMAT score varies from college to college, so invest all of your time in getting the numbers. The overall application is taken into account when calling for an interview and there are several factors attached to it.
  • Pay attention to the requirements of your program. Focus on your exam and then prepare for GMAT.
  • Have a look at the admitted calls on the latest exam, they tend to change frequently. Always update yourself on the recent inclination.
  • The administration always wants the creamy layer for their college so apart from the GMAT score; do work on your speaking skills and the SOP which has different weight age in different institutes.
  • You can start looking for classes around yourself and find out the best ones in your area but always be careful while making a choice. At metro cities, there are many vendors who try and sell their product but be cautious. 

GMAT In A Nutshell

The GMAT score is accepted by major universities all across the globe and some of them are London Business School, University of Cambridge, Boston University and many others.

This exam is registered under the Graduate Management Admission Council and was first introduced 66 years ago in 1953. Yet, the statistics speak that till date GMAT remains the first choice for many aspirants who wish to attain a postgraduate degree in courses like MBA, Master of Finance and Master of Accountancy.

The importance of a postgraduate degree and that too in the management sector is not hidden from anyone. For an exam and career that is promising, it requires strong dedication and effort as well.

It is possible that the program guidelines have been modified before the exam and the same may not have been updated on the internet. It is a good choice to always stick to the college website.

And don’t forget the fact that there is a humongous amount of information scattered all over the network and it is all in tits and bits. So, focus on the most reliable source that is available to you so begin your journey today.


Shalaka is a skilled education expert & a writer by profession at Walnut Folks. She understands the education systems of varied countries & helps students make the right choices for learning abroad.

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