5 Crucial Tips For MBA Students Taking Test Series for CAT/XAT exam.

Test Series are one of the most rudimentary of tasks that CAT aspirants do, well most of them do it. There is a specific reason why these are important, especially for those giving the exam for the first time – i.e. It allows you to get a feel for the actual exam. Not only that, it gives you a chance to practice your own technique and methodology that you will follow on the exam day.

Before 2011, choosing the section order used to be a matter of some concern. However, since there is no such option now, students should focus on just one thing only – how to manage the given section in the best possible manner, in the least amount of time.

  1. Do not be stuck on a particular question for long. This advice is something that you must have heard time and again from your mentors, friends or seniors. Well, this adage is just as crucial today as it was in the days of pencil and paper tests. CAT gives you the option to scroll the question within the same section. Utilize this function. If you cannot solve a question in say 3-4 minutes at max, it is not worth another minute anyhow. Just move on.
  2. Start doing the section with questions you know for sure. Every set that is given out in CAT, whichever section it might be, has some easy questions. Though, it is subjective as to what you may find easy, nonetheless, it is very important that you solve the first 3-4 questions in order to boost your self confidence. Even if it does not boost your confidence, the opposite – i.e. Not being able to solve 3-4 questions in a row at the start of the exam can prove detrimental to your overall result. It’s a confidence thing, really!!
  3. Cultivate the ability to locate questions which you know you can solve for sure. These questions are the ones which you have solved previously during your preparation. It is tough for even the brightest of students to solve a new question within 2-3 minutes by developing a new logic. The logic should be as clear to you as possible, from the start itself.
  4. Attempt the section in two or three rounds – round one should be dedicated to questions which you know for sure, do those moving forward. In this round, you should just avoid questions which are doubtful. Read the end of the section after solving all the easy questions, then begin from start again with the questions you might find slightly tougher, again avoiding the too difficult ones. Many students make the mistake of not seeing through the entire question, and as reported in the 1 point, CAT is about garnering as many points as you can. All questions carry equal marks, so try to make the best of what is being dished out to you. Then the last round, if necessary, and if time permits, should cater to the tough question or questions which you have no idea about. Never fluke, if you are a serious candidate. Many students just think that they have attempted much lesser than expected and then just end up selecting some random answers, which proves even more detrimental than the former option. For all that you know, your session may be much harder and may have lesser attempts.
  5. Test the Test Series – Experiment with your own methods while giving the test series. See if taking a break between the exam helps you, or is it better that you continuously go over the exam, should you have 2 rounds or three rounds, locate your weak areas, spend time analyzing your results. Basically, just fine tune your strategy while you still have the time.


So that’s it folks, just gear up and start your preparation. Best of Luck.

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