The Genesis

There is a strange thing about our generation – ‘We love to have choices but we hate to choose.’ Whether it’s picking the right college or the correct cell phone, we are confused much more than our ancestors were (they never had choices..did they?)

A similar choice is faced by any student in India who plans to appear for any management test. Students are bombarded with information and advice from all corners by their peers, websites, seniors etc. and it becomes really tough for a fresher (even pros) to decide and make the best decision.

To distil the best of this information and present all of it in a coherent manner, this blog cum website came to birth. The aim of this blog is to connect all the info and resources on the Internet, info of peers and friends, suggest tips and tricks of the trade, give you notifications, tell you what is going on in the B-world, share this with you,acquaint you with every scintilla of information all at one place. The decision, from little ones to the big ones, will still be yours but at least, you will have a hub to help you through this process.

This blog cum website is a humble attempt with two primary aims – ‘Save  you time’ and ‘Teach, what is to be learnt.’

Succinct Features

What We Envisage !!

To create a database of users, experiences, resources, tips, tricks and everything else that would help a fresher understand and take any Indian Management Exams in a confident manner. To create a fraction of the B-School buzz on our cute, little blog cum website. :) :)