Pardon us for the abuse on the left but this pic was too cool to ignore so we are tempted to put it here. We were actually not sure whether an FAQ page was even required for this blog cum website (BCM), nonetheless, we decided to put it here just to clarify things down to the last letter.

We  read some FAQ pages on other websites on the Internet..duhhh!! They were boring. Hence, we thought we would make this more interactive and hopefully, interesting for our cute website. After all, we are the “X” generation, “Y” should we follow archaic paths. :)


So here we go:

1. What is this blog about?

This blog is about both of us. Unlike other web based platforms that are guiding you at each step in some or the other way, this blog is like a connecting tool between all these guiders and advisors backed by some of our own ‘Gyaan.’  You can read more about this blog over here.

2. What is this ‘contribute’ option?

It is an option by which you can actually become a part of this blog. If you have anything to share, you can do so over here. Please read the guidelines carefully before you go ahead and send in your article.

3. How to get the latest news and stay updated?

Let us share a personal experience (it’s a real anecdote). Last year (2009), one of our groups’ members center for CAT was in Noida KP – 2 or 3 (we don’t remember exactly). There was this some other guy at the test center. Let’s call him Mr. X. Now, this Mr.X had cleared IIM – I,K,L but wanted to be in the top 3 IIMs. So this guy was here taking his CAT all over again. All cool till here but there was one strange incident that happened. After both had taken their exams, this Mr.X came out and was lamenting the fact that there was no option to jump from one question to the other.

Now, many of you would say..Hey! there is the review button dumbo. Didn’t you know that!! Now this Mr.X somehow did not and perhaps there are many who actually don’t and just take CAT or any other exam without even the basic information about the pattern and other related things. Now that is lame! We never met Mr.X again, the last time we know, he was working in Gurgaon and giving an interview for ISB, Hyderabad (Ah!! So much for not knowing the review button)

Hence, STAYING UPDATED is very important. Here are some options that we have crafted just for you:

FACEBOOK – On our home page there is an icon on top right (blue color). Click on that and you shall be guided to the MBA GLUE’s Facebook LIKE page. Just join us there by clicking on the LIKE button and you will get regular updates in your Facebook account regarding all the latest B-news. Alternatively, you can click the icon of Facebook right now and get started.

THE BEER SYMBOL (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)– Firstly, the symbol does not give you endless supply of beer just by clicking it and secondly, it is this option that is recommended by us not the BEER. PJs apart, this symbol is an excellent way to stay connected. All you have to do is click on it and then select the RSS Feeder that you use. Add our RSS subscription and now you can receive regular feeds from us regarding all the latest happenings. If you don’t know what is RSS or what are Feeds then you should read about the same over here. You can watch a video on the same page to understand it better.

If you would like to understand RSS in simple terms then you can imagine RSS to be basically a small token of information that is sent to you on regular basis. Matlab ki yeh ek mast Jugaad method hai. Agar abhi bhi dikkat ho rahi hai to ya to kisi friend se puch lo, kisi ko to pata hoga. But honestly, once you get to know how it works, believe us when we say that this is by far the easiest and the best method to stay updated for any kind of buzz that is created.

EMAlL – The middle icon on the main page that you see is the staying updated via Email option. Just click on it, fill you name and email. That’s it. As soon as you do so, you will get regular updates via email from MBAGLUE.


TWITTER – Hmm..we believe this is new to most users as  the craze of twitter is yet to grip the Indian youth like Facebook. Nonetheless, we have given you an option to follow latest updates via your twitter account too. If you don’t have a twitter account, you can open it right now by visiting here. It’s a fun and easy way to stay connected, give it a try!!

Apart from all this, under the resource section of each paper, we will be telling you about other FREE features on the Internet where you can sign up and receive updates from other sources too.

Now this brings us to an important question,

4. What are these updates about?

The matter of  fact is, we are Jugaadu people. What we will do is that we will connect all the info that is generated on the Internet and then share this with you in an easily digestible form.

We will give you one platform that would cover all updates on the Internet and the real world plus our own ‘Gyaan‘ from time to time. Hence, you will save loads of time in the process while staying updated 24×7.

5. How can you contact us?

Ah! Simple. Just go here. Fill the form and send it. Be sure to include your contact details so that we can get back to you.

6. I am still not done, I want to know more!

Bas kar yaar..aur kitna padhega. FAQ hi padhta raha to CAT key liye kab padhega. Just kidding..if you feel that there is anything that we should have put in here or something that you would like to read on this page then please send us your views. We promise to read each and every suggestion and take proper course of action. Critics are most welcome to comment and be part of our endeavor.

I am bored after reading all this, entertain me……

Open the FAQ picture in a separate window by clicking on it and then read the ‘fine print’.

Photo Credits: Hiritai

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