Applying to B Schools – This will Help

There are around 2 lakh students (perhaps more) who aspire to do MBA every year. The number is not a reflection of those who only want to go to a specific college but of those who want to do MBA at any cost.

There is a slight problem though – ‘There are more than 3000 B-schools to apply to”. So how should one choose which colleges to choose. There is a very pragmatic approach to this issue.

  • Choose 1-2 B school in the range of 95%ile.
  • If possible, try to keep a balance between government and private schools.
Here we present to a list of a candidate expecting 70+%ile in CAT and how he should apply to colleges. The cut off mentioned are tentative and may/will vary this year. Do not take them at face value. And please, this is not a ranking list, just experience.
  • IIMs are obvious.
  • NITIE >98
  • MDI, Delhi (>94) – It went down last time, normally offers 96%ile.
  • BIM, Trichy (>90) but hard to convert at this percentile.
  • FMS, Delhi (expect >98 or possibly more)
  • ________________________________________________________
  • IITs (first time CAT, expect >90)
  • MFC, Delhi (they will give you headache, huge preference given to commerce honours last time. Percentile as low as 80 and a high as >100%ile) – Its
  • NIRMA (around 90)
  • FORE (80.xx) Very good interview panel, hard to get core MBA at the lowest level.
  • LBS
  • IMI
  • NIT, Trichy (government)
  • IMT Ghaziabad (Around 95%ile)
  • MIB, Delhi
  • ____________________________________________________________
  • FMS BHU, Varanasi ( >83) (Government)
  • Lucknow University (around 80)
  • SDM IMD, Mysore (around 75-80)
  • NIBM, Pune (around 80) Very high weight age to Interview while carving overall cut off)
  • ________________________________________________________________
  • SDM IMD, Mysore (around 75) They even select candidates on the spot while at interview.
  • IWSB, Greater Noida  – A good upcoming college focused on entrepreneurship
The line demarcating the colleges is basically to create different segments. You should ideally pick 1-2 colleges from the range you expect to score in CAT with a difference of 5%ile each. This would help you in going after a range of colleges and also making your MBA aspirations more secure.
Also, having a few government colleges like FMS, BHU and others may help you down the line since these have very low fee structures (around 30Ks in FMS BHU).
If you think we should add more colleges to this list, please leave a comment below and we will get back to you.