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[Updated] Top 13 Distance MBA in Finance Colleges in India


Top 10 Distance MBA in Finance in India

There are many different types of people who look to study for an MBA. You could be someone who has not been working for a long time and wishes to update their skill set in order to look for a better paid or more interesting job. There are also busy professionals who want to work and grow by expanding their knowledge of the sector where they wish to work.

The popularity of MBAs is increasing every year and without relocating.

1.    Symbiosis Centre of Distance Learning, Pune

  • This school has had one of the largest distance learning departments of any institution India since it was founded in 2001. It also offers some of the widest-ranging programs in many different specialties within finance including banking and finance, business management, and international business. With a degree from an accredited university, you can apply for one of their varied courses to take advantage of the large distance learning department.

2.    Lovely Professional University, Punjab

  • Another of the largest distance learning departments of any Indian schools the Lovely Professional University is one of the most well established and high-quality establishments in the country. The LPU has also structured the payment of their fees to be far more affordable than many other distance learning establishments whilst still providing incredibly high-quality service and specializations in various areas of finance and business.

3.    The Institute of Distance Education of the University of Madras

  • This establishment gives learners a great variety of learning options which allow them to potentially stay in employment whilst still studying at the distance learning department. There is also a huge range of potential courses based around management, one of the most popular beings in financial management. This flexibility and variety make the IDE at the University of Madras a great prospect for a potential distance learner.

4.    Amity University

  • This University has created the specific Amity Directorate of Distance and Online Education which allows them to provide distance learning to tens of thousands of people all over India. Given their size they are able to offer a wide number of specialties including finance and accounting or insurance management for those who are looking for a more maths-based career in business. They also accept graduates who achieved a 40% aggregate mark in their degree which is lower than several other establishments of similar quality.

5.    Prin. L. N. Welingkar Institute of Management

  • The institute itself was established in 1977 and has been providing quality education ever since with a fully accredited distance learning programme giving a variety of specialties to consider. Financial management, e-commerce or banking, investment, and insurance are all available to those who wish to study for their MBA in the world of finance with a reputable and entirely distance-based institute.

6.    Alagappa University, Tamilnadu

  • There are many different ways that distance learning can be undertaken at Alagappa University which allows learners to customize their experience based around their other commitments. The University includes a community of students numbering around 100,000 and they are situated all around the country, specializing in a huge number of topics creating a very diverse learning environment.

7.    Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU)

  • Being the largest University in the world if measured by enrollment, the IGNOU is a staple of the distance learning community and caters to a huge range of disciplines for those looking to study for an MBA. There is the OPENMAT exam which applicants must past as well as graduating with a degree of above 50% to be allowed to study at the world-famous establishment.

8.    ICFAI University

  • ICFAI has become synonymous with quality distance education and their ability to offer a diverse range of specializations with great teaching is the main reason for this. The third out of the five modules is where the specialization is created from and can include finance, strategic finance or global markets which offer a student the opportunity to create a degree specific to what they are looking to do afterward.

9.    Sikkim Manipal University, Sikkim

  • This is one of the most accommodating top education providers in India with the ability to complete the degree in between 2 and 4 years, allowing a student who is potentially working through the course to spread the semesters out to accommodate. There are fewer specialties than some other establishments but there is always great teaching and a high level of flexibility.

10.   The Directorate of Distance Education of Pondicherry University

  • This may be a slightly smaller establishment that some of the others, it still offers a high quality of teaching and a wide range of specializations including marketing, finance and international business which can be competed on an entirely distance-based platform.

11.    Andhra University Distance MBA

  • Andhra University is a research institution established in 1926. The School of Distance Education of Andhra University is a limb of this University which has been ongoing since 1972 and has been one of the elite institutes in the aspect of higher studies. Andhra University is been accredited by UGC. The total fee of the distance MBA program at Andhra University is Rs.30,000. The University offered specialization in the field of Marketing, Finance, Human Resource, and Hospital Administration via its distance mode. Find all about Andhra University Distance MBA here.

12.    Bharathiar University

  • Bharathiar University’s School of Distance Education was recognized during the scholastic year 1991-92. The school has restricted its maneuver for the palpable reason of intensification of its base to offer superior tutoring. The University offered a wide range of specialization in its Distance MBA including General, Marketing Management, Tourism and Hotel Management, Financial Management, Hospital Management, Investment Management, and many more. You can explore further information about  Bharathiar University’s Distance education here.

13.    NMIMs Distance Learning MBA

  • NMIMS Global Access School for Continuing Education was previously known as the School of Distance Learning. The Institute is a comprehensive division of S.V.K.M’s NMIMS University. The NMIMSs School of Distance Learning has several specialization options available for the students who want to study MBA in Distance mode including Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management, Marketing Management, Human Resource Management, Financial Management, International Trade Management, and Banking & Finance. Students can learn about NMIMs Distance MBA here.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q1: How do I know whether a college is accredited to offer MBA Finance in India?

Ans: All institutions offering distance MBA must be approved by the Distance Education Bureau (DEB). As such, you should visit its official website to check the status of your college of interest.

  • Q2: Are the admission requirements for all MBA specializations?

Ans: Yes, requirements for MBA are the same regardless of your specialization. However, you should check the university’s official website for any university-specific guidelines.

  • Q3: How can I apply for distance MBA finance in India?

Ans: Different universities have varying admission phases. As such, you should visit the official website of your university of choice and check their admission calendar.

If the admission for MBA is open, you should apply online or offline and include a DD for application/course fee. Ensure that are categorical on your specialization.

  • Q4: Can I change my specialization midway to the course?

Ans: No, most colleges do not allow students to change their specialization midway.

  • Q5: What happens if I want to change my specialization?

Ans: If you must change your specialization, you’ll have to forfeit your paid fees and register afresh. However, some universities will offer credit transfers which means that you’ll complete the program much earlier.

  • Q6: What are the conditions of canceling an admission offer?

Ans: If you wish to cancel your distance MBA offer, you must make a formal request in writing within 30 days from the day of the offer. If you fail to follow this channel, there is a chance that you will not get any refund for your tuition fee

  • Q7: How do distance MBA finance students get their study materials?

Ans: Distance MBA students can obtain their learning materials from their study centers or the Directorate of Distance Education. However, some institutions can make a special arrangement to send the materials to students by post.

  • Q8: Do all the universities offering distance MBA Finance have study centers/ student support centers?

Ans: No, not all universities offering the program have study centers. If your university of choice has no study centers, you’ll have to go to the institutions’ Directorate of Distance Learning for any support you may need.

  • Q9: Where can I work after completing my distance MBA in Finance?

Ans: Distance MBA Finance graduates can work in different organizations globally. Some of the key sectors actively engaged in the placement include Banking, Manufacturing, Service Industries, and Consultancy.

  • Q10: Which learning methods are applied for distance MBA Finance students in India?

Ans: Most institutions have an online student portal where self-instructional learning materials are uploaded regularly. Other methods used include access to digitized libraries and video conferencing.

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