Beyond the MBA Hype [Book Review]

Breaking Down the MBA Myths

MBA Hype ReviewOk, so I happen to get my hands on a book by Sameer Kamat, ‘Beyond the MBA Hype’. I read his short interview in Indiatimes over here and he currently runs a website for GMAT preparation help and for aspiring authors. Overall, the book was a good read, so let’s just dissect into the fine print here.

The Good

It starts off by looking at various facets of the MBA and the infamous question – ‘Why MBA?’ and goes on to categorize the multitude of dimensions that form part of an MBA journey. Most of the categorizations are good, relevant, useful and to the point. The book just does not end at what to do before an MBA but goes on to the realities that exist while you do one and your life onwards.

The author takes the hysteria that looms in the minds of young aspirants and tries to weave a story which is a concoction of some interesting facts and quirky phrases that would catch the imagination of the young generation.While doing so, the content being churned out is pretty useful even though the impetus of the book stays on ‘Firangi MBA’ (though most of the content is reasonably useful for the Indian MBA Odessey too.)

What I liked the most about the book was the no nonsense approach to MBA  and stripping down the coveted degree to its real form, making it a must read for those who look at the MBA with starry eyes as a panacea for all career woes.While it may be so for some, the darker shade which is often overlooked by students is well brought out by the author. There are no red herrings, no beating around the bush stuff etc, it’s just plain, simple and extremely useful.

The Bad 

Well, the content was good, but what I disliked was that after a period of time it got boring to read. I am sure a new MBA aspirant might find it more interesting but I normally finish such novels in one sitting of 2-3 hours but this dragged on for quite some time.

Also, the author did introduce two characters for MBA aspirants to relate to but was unable to give them depth or concurrence with the novel. I felt it would have been better had the characters been a more integral part of the entire plot or be left out completely. Out of facts, data, interesting quotes et Cetra, the characters tend to protrude out for a while only to be dwarfed by the other information being bombarded in droves.

The Content Overview Shoverview 

The author talks about MBA story in 11 sections overall and ends the book with certain perky yet basic questions like ‘How to get the right B school?’ in a very comprehensive manner.

Overall, I recommend the book as a must read for anyone pursuing or planning to pursue an MBA degree and has no idea regarding the same. You may check out the book over here. It has already been sold out completely on Flipkart once, I hope it’s available now. 🙂

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