CAT 2008 Question Paper

Cat 2008 Question Paper

CAT 2008 Question Paper is kind of iconic in itself. Probably, as per the indications of the present day, it is the last CAT question paper is paper pencil format. Apart from this distinction, there was not much difference in this cat paper over the previous year cat papers. It was tough, very competitive, and brought out the best talent for the IIMs.

The Cat 2008 Question Paper had 3 sections with 90 questions in total. However, the distribution of question was not even. English had 15 more questions than the other two sections which had equal number of questions i.e. 25. The time limit for the entire paper was 150 minutes and the guidelines for the Cat 2008 Question Paper were the same. There was no differential marking and normal 1/4th negative marking was observed.

CAT 2008 Question Paper Sections

As stated above, the Cat 2008 question paper had 3 sections and one had to show competency across all the sections. The Quant part of Cat was tough with some doable questions in between. Getting stuck on any question would have proved critical as there were quite a few speed breakers thrown in between.

In DI/LR section of CAT 2008 question paper, there were instances of questions which could have proved very scoring. The onus was on student to recognize these and make full use of the same.

In the English/VA section of CAT 2008 question paper, the number of questions was more than the other two. In fact, it was around 70% more than the others. This meant a change in the time allotment strategy for student and choosing the best course of action under the circumstances would have proved pivotal.

CAT 2008 Question Paper – More Facts

The cut off for the Quant Section of Cat 2008 Question Paper were 36-40. This section was slightly harder than previous year and each question carried 4 marks each. For the Di section of CAT 2008, the cut off was in the range of 30-32 and for verbal the cut off was a shade below 50. The overall cut off for the paper was around 128-132.

A good source of CAT 2008 question paper is TestFunda and we can give the paper for free. We will be uploading the Cat 2008 Paper for students in due course of time and you can check back with us for the same.

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