CAT 2009 PAPER – An ODE to THE BraveHearts who gave this paper and cleared it with APLOMB !!


Cat 2009 Paper is being searched by a lot of students. The fact is that it is legally not allowed for any organization or coaching institute or student to post or discuss the questions of Cat 2009 Paper. Each student who gave Cat 2009 was made to sign a non disclosure agreement that sounded something like this – “We will sue you, put you in jail and ruin your life if you dare disclose the questions of this paper.”

However, there were surreptitious rumors of questions being circulated by fake test takers of various coaching institute during the course of exam. We are not in possession or aware of such, so please do not expect us to deliver these.


Nonetheless, various forums and chat groups around the Internet freely talked about other things of the CAT 2009 paper which they were allowed to talk about. These things have been summarized below and are here for everyone to read.

1)      The Cat paper had 60 questions divided into 3 sections.

2)      Quant and VA were at par with the previous year CAT (overall) and DI was slightly easier. However, the level of difficulty varied throughout the window of exam.

3)      The earlier days witnessed some easier papers while some other days, the paper was slightly ( 🙂 ) harder. However, this did not impact the overall percentile of students as the score of students were equated based on complicated algorithm (top secret..shhhh) and students were given ‘fair’ scores in the CAT 2009 paper results.

4)      If you were lucky enough to see the graph and figure on your computer screen in the DI section, the section proved to be the most scoring.

5)      The END paper button was agonizingly close to the next button and there was every chance that a student may press it and albeit all the preparation. This shortcoming of the CAT 2009 Paper has been trimmed in the subsequent year.

6)      Students had the option to de-select an option for a question.

7)      There was a review button that allowed easy scrolling from one question to another.

8)      The number of attempts to question went up as compared to previous year especially during the early days of CAT.

9)      Some students suffered gravely due to the mishaps in the cat 2009 exam. On part of whom, you may ask – ‘pass the buck here, coz no one is there to blame.’

10)   There was official statement that read something like this – ‘On an exam of this scale, there are bound to be glitches.’ The exam was conducted by IIM-C, one of the best ‘Management’ school in India. Ahh…and we are blaming poor Kalmadi for CWG, for heaven’s sake, he doesn’t even have an IIM degree!!

11)   The competition for exams such as FMS and XAT went up. FMS cut off was unexpectedly high and XAT was as surprising as it has been.


Advice for students – The fact is that IIMs have worked hard (hopefully so) to make a huge database of questions this year and removed the past glitches (hopefully enough). Various videos have been shot and links are placed on their website which you can watch on YouTube too. The thing is that you have the best chance for cracking this by exposing yourself to the maximum type of questions. So please stop looking for CAT 2009 paper, you ain’t gonna get it.

P.S. PIL won’t work against the conducting authority because Prometric is not an Indian Company and neither will the RTI, so just pray that your paper goes smooth.

P.P.S. We have no grudge against the IIMs, we have just seen one side of the story i.e. from the point of view of the students and hence are incompetent to judge the matter with poise. The above opinions are mentioned out of good humor remembering Cat 2009 and we do not aim to hurt or tarnish the reputation of any authority or college or brand or Mr. Kalmadi. 🙂 🙂

Let us know what you feel and if you have any questions regarding the CAT 2009 paper, just leave a comment below.

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  1. ADP October 10, 2010 at 1:03 am - Reply

    I loved the way u taunted on Kalmadi…gr8 job..keep it up!!!!

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