Cat 2009 Question Paper

The CAT 2009 Question Paper is much in demand by students and aspirers of an MBA degree via CAT. However, some of the newbie around the block keep wasting their time searching for the CAT 2009 Question Paper. The matter of fact is that you cannot get it. Simple and straight!! Stop wasting your time on searching for the Cat 2009 Question Paper and focus on studying something instead.

CAT 2009 Question Paper – Other Details

Though we are not allowed to share the details of the actual CAT exam with anyone (in fact, no one is allowed), there is something equally useful which we can share with the students and managers of tomorrow.

As you would be knowing, the Cat 2009 exam turned out to be a quite a disaster from the managerial point of view, the actual content of the exam was worth gold dust as it gave critical insight into the changes that student were to expect in the online format of the exam. Before the CAT 2009 Paper, Cat used to be a paper pencil based test and this transformation was quite eventful.

The views about the CAT 2009 Question Paper expressed below give a general idea and not a concrete idea about the paper. Discretion is advised and so is common sense. For those lacking it, please remember that this was more of an experimenting stage of the exam where the IIMs were fine tuning their content and other related stuff. The content of the CAT 2009 Question Paper, the strategy and the whole soul of the paper would definitely evolve in the days ahead.

Nevertheless, for those interested in reading about the paper, here is some critical information about the same.

  1. As stated, the paper was almost a disaster with respect to its management.
  2. It was easier at the start but became harder with time
  3. Some students, probably, cheated the system.
  4. Quant was easy to moderate and a lot of questions from previous year CAT papers were repeated.
  5. English was fairly decent, no changes as such.
  6. DI and LR evolved into much easier form. Unlike the shrewd reasoning questions of the 2005-2008 CAT Papers, the LR/DI section of this year across all the slots was much easier.
  7. In the LR/DI section, there were long data questions with just one question below it. This meant that the section was more dependent on speed than anything else.
  8. There was a vast majority of students (including myself) unhappy with the experience of the exam.
  9. The 10nth and 12th Marks of students played a role in the final calls from the IIMs.
  10. Those who gave CAT this year were either martyrs or dying to kill ######### officials given an opportunity. Those who were not, were busy preparing for their interviews with an air of relief.

CAT 2009 Question Paper Evolution

Though we have written a lot of crappy stuff above, our sincere advise to the students would be that please stop wasting time on the CAT 2009 Paper. There is not much you are going to get out of it. The importance of exposure to a huge range of questions across various topics is paramount at the present point of time and this need has grown many fold with the online format.

There was once a time when people used to say that do the Number System section of the paper and you are through in Quant but this has changed dramatically with time. Arguably, Algebra has become the most important topic but its weight age is more due to the portion coverage than anything else.

If you have any doubts, advise or anything to say about the CAT 2009 Question Paper, then please leave comment below.