CAT 2010 was the second CAT in the row based on the online format and finally, the online mode of the exam was carried out in a flawless manner. A common habit for students is to search for the online papers that have come in the different format of the Cat 2010 paper. Let’s be very clear here before we move ahead. We are not giving out any questions, any links or anything similar to that on our blog. As a piece of advice, we would defer you from searching for this as you will not get these at any cost. It’s illegal. Period.

Then, why write this article on CAT 2010 Paper?

Though we are not allowed to write the content or disclose the content of the paper in any manner, there is something that we can do and we bet that this information is as useful, if not more. One of the primary concerns for any student giving CAT is the speculation as to how will the paper change owing to the new online format.

Well, this article on CAT 2010 Paper is about answering these queries of students and providing an overview of the same to prospective managers of tomorrow.


Let’s look at this section wise. As you would know, the CAT 2010 Paper had 3 sections i.e. Quant, LR/DI and VA. The time for the paper is 135 minutes and students are expected to show competency across all the three sections equally. For those who don’t know, there are specific cut offs in each section of the paper.

The Quant Section was more logical than applicative. What this means is that common sense matters more than your ability to mug up formulas. Well, this has been the status quo of CAT for years now but the CAT 2010 Paper took this to a whole new level. All portions were covered equally but Number Systems does not have the same kind of weight age as it did in the past papers. Arguably, Algebra was the key topic this time around. A good bet would be 12 questions with 100% accuracy to stay on the safer side of cut offs.

DI/LR – Lo..Behold and this turned out to be the biggest surprise of 2010. LR that was getting tougher and precise with each passing year in the paper based format, took a breather and gave way to easier questions based on LR. DI was hefty with heavy calculations and other things. The level was below previous year CAT paper. The eyesore was the presence of wrong questions in the paper. Probably, it’s a way to ensure that no student scores full marks.

VA was CAT level for most part. Half the questions were from RC, the next biggest player was Para Jumbles and Vocab/Grammar made their presence felt too.

If you are reading this article before the CAT 2010 is over, then read it in the past tense. We will make changes in this article if the format or content of CAT 2010 Paper changes in the near future.

If you have any doubts with respect to CAT 2010 paper or would like to share your views or post your experience, please leave a comment below.

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