CAT Exam – Books for Verbal Ability Section

Verbal Ability section of the CAT exam is perhaps the most broad of all. It cannot be encompassed by just one book and needs a wholesome approach, with consistent side by side practice on part of the student.

Some good books for the verbal ability section include –

  • SAT Preparation – It is used for preparing of SAT – an exam in US. It is good for the critical reasoning section in particular.
  • Normal Lewis Vocabulary book.
  • Career Launcher RC 2
  • We are not too found of TIME’s book for this.
  • Test Funda book are a good bet as a complete package.
  • Flash cards would also do justice to your preparation.

The key to acing this section is to get used to reading a lot and especially on screen. Some students who are habitual of reading novels in paperback version may find a the transition cuber some but on the longer run, it is easy to adapt for most of them.

Try to read as much as you can and as boring stuff as you can from various niches.

 Check out the Books for CAT over here 

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