CAT coaching is an essential element for your preparation for CAT. Not only is good guidance required to help students who want to prepare for CAT but there is also a huge need to acquaint the students with the little trifle details of an MBA preparation.

There are various modes of operation of CAT coaching such as online CAT coaching and offline CAT coaching. Students can refer to books both online and offline these days. Given the fact that CAT has gone online, the preparation for CAT has also gone online with the changing times. Nearly all the institutes which used to have the coaching pattern based on the paper pencil format are now having online CAT coaching modules to help students.

Though these online modules help a lot in preparation for CAT there is also a need to do some studies using same old paper pencil format to increase the skills necessary for taking CAT.

Demand and Supply have a direct equation and keeping in line with the growing demand regarding the CAT coaching centers there is also a hefty supply from various sources on both online and offline platform.

The CAT entrance exam has become synonymous with huge amount of preparation and hype that is created when a student wishes to appear for CAT. CAT coaching classes are taking place in every nook and corner of the country.

Given the fact that so many options are available in front of the students, it is very easy for a student to get confused and end up making a wrong choice. Here we present to you some basic information regarding CAT that will allow you to succeed when you need it the most.


  • TIME and CL are two of the most famous CAT coaching centers in India as of now. Both the institutes have really good material and students often get confused when it comes to choosing amongst these institutes. In such a case where a student is confused between TIME cat coaching and CL cat coaching, one should consult the ex-students of the respective institutes in their city. The material for the both these institutes are good and there is hardly to differentiate between both these but the quality may vary from one place to other.
  • It would also be wise on part of the student to do some demo classes with his coaching institute before making the final decision regarding his preparation for CAT.
  • There is also some really good stuff oozed out by IMS, Resonance, Test Funda and many singleton authors too. It would be worthwhile to consult these institutes for CAT coaching before making the final decision.


It is strongly advised to the student as to not make his decision in haste and be very patient while choosing his coaching center. A very good source of advise can be open forums such as that help you with on the spot inquiry and more often than not you can find helpful students always there to help you with your questions.