The CAT Entrance Exam

The CAT entrance exam is a renowned and very popular exam that is conducted in India by the Indian Institute of Management (IIMs) every year to select the student for the different courses these IIMs and many other institutes have on offer. The cat entrance exam does not have a structured syllabus unlike the GMAT or the GATE exam. The CAT entrance exam is rightly considered as IIM CAT exam too.

Not only do the institutes listed in the IIM list accept CAT score, there are many other colleges in India, in fact a lot more than the officially listed which accept CAT score. Hence the CAT entrance exam gains even more importance in the context of the fact that an MBA degree is being sought after by millions of students these days.


Though it’s a well known fact that the CAT exam does not have a structured set up for exam, there is little doubt as to what the real syllabus for the exam is. There are many options available to the students these days which one can make use of and study for CAT. With the mushrooming of numerous CAT MBA colleges in India, the number of coaching institutes for CAT has also increased in importance with time.

The difficulty for the CAT entrance exam rests in the fact that an MBA degree is open to so many students these days. Anyone from any stream can pursue an MBA degree..a doctor, engineer or any one with a legacy business, an MBA degree is open to one and all and many students line up to make use of this fact.

The IIMs also know this fact and hence the CAT entrance exam is designed according to the demands of the changing time such that students without the background of mathematics can also take a shot at this coveted exam.

The Cat exam 2009 saw the change of the pencil pen format into a Computer Based test. The coaching industry for this coveted examination also adapted on the similar lines and has been able to provide the requisite transformation that the students needed in order to adapt to the new format. There are some students though who find a lot of difficulty in adjusting to the online CAT entrance exam.


The CAT entrance exam consists of three sections i.e. Quant, DI/LR and English. These sections are further divided into sub-sections and the competency of the aspirant is gauged across various parameters.

A student has to show competency in all of these exams and a percentile score is calculated based on the performance of the masses. The percentile score is then scaled through and through and every student is given a relative percentile score.

The cut off for the IIMs in the CAT entrance exam is generally above 99 percentile, which ensure that only the best students get selected. The selection ratio for the IIMs is around 1:300 students which make it even harder than getting into an IVY league University.

The written stage of CAT exam is followed by the GD/PI/CS depending on the individual institutes across India. It’s an honor and a part of great legacy for any student to become part of one of the best management institutes of the world, if not the best.

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