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Free CAT Preparation Material

Here are some of the resources we have crafted for students to help them prepare for the CAT Exam. All the books/preparation material mentioned below are totally free of cost –

Free Mock Exams:

One of the most important facets of a free mock cat is to take the test very seriously and not casually. Every attempt that you make at CAT goes a long way in determining the success in the final run. You may tend to relax as this is just a free mock cat but do not be entrapped by such thought process.

Secondly, one should always analyze the results of these free mock cats as much as possible. CAT mock for free are not just to lure students for their products but if used tactically, free mock cat can eventually help a student sharpen his skills and get better with each test.

Free CAT material

CAT material is an essential part of the study program for any student. Thought the final impetus is on how you imbibe the learning of the material or the course, it can certainly not be argued that good guidance is essential for success.Given the huge demand of the students and the ever rising MBA aspirants in the country, a large number of options have come forth for the students that help them to study and each one professes to be the best material for CAT or any other management exams.

Students are normally found searching for free cat material or material for CAT quite often and mainly on the Internet. We are going to present resources on the Internet.

If you look closely enough there are sources on the Internet where you can get to download free cat material that can help you in your preparation. There are many paid resources on the Internet and without doubt these are good but being Indians we always love to have free items with us.

Choosing the right material for CAT is also essential and the common admission test takes a lot of preparation of tactics and needs perseverance and hard work on the part of the individual on a continued basis.

Here we have tried to find some free CAT material downloads and you can also take a look at some paid resources to download from sources such as Test Funda or go for other distance programs offered by institutes like TIME or CL amongst many others.

  • Search for local classifieds and Google and try to find some local person in the vicinity and buy material of previous year from him if you can.
  • Sign up for Test Funda and you can have access to a lot of free tests that they offer. It’s a good website and apart from the paid tools on offer, they have a lot of free tools. Search for link to the website at the bottom.
  • There is one more website by the name of TCYonline that offers different free versions for preparation of CAT that you can access. Just sign up and get started.
  • Career Launcher has a very good Student Information System (member login in simple terms). If you can find an ex-CL student then ask for his ID and password. They offer a hell lot of questions that hardly anyone offers and you can make use of these. It’s all about how resourceful you are.
  • There is a good website named TotalGadha, it lists some good articles on cat preparation for free. You would like to check that out too if you want to grasp some more paid resources for free cat preparation.

Free CAT material Links

You can sign up for Test Funda and TCYonline here and here respectively to avail yourself of the free resources that these websites have on offer.


Free CAT material Download Links

  1. CAT  Paper one Download link 1
  2. CAT  Paper one Download link 2 
  3. CAT  Paper one Download link 3

However, if you know even more resources to download papers, then do list them below. Please leave a comment, it’s easy and keeps us motivated to write more. 🙂

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