CAT Exam – How to prepare Logical Reasoning ( LR ) Section ?

Preparation for LR DI or Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation section of CAT

Though Logical Reasoning does not form a distinct part of the CAT question paper any more, it still is valued in the exam since it is tested in the other two section in different parts i.e. DI is tested with Quant and Logical Reasoning is tested with the verbal ability section.

For a total of 30 questions in each section around 30% (+-5%) is tested normally. Further, a quirky observation that has come out over the past experience is that the students who tend to do better in Logical Reasoning had a better score in VA section and students who just did English, suffered overall. Well, this cannot be confirmed officially but quite a lot of data was poured over the same.

The question is how can students prepare for this part of the exam –

There are actually two sides to this. If you are strong in this section, you can leverage your position around to attempt the other questions of the section by doing this part quickly.

Here are crucial tips on how to prepare Logical Reasoning (LR) Section 

  1. TIME’s DI/LR and CL’s LR and really nice. Apart from that, try and solve a puzzle book like this one here.
  2. Work consistently on this section, doing 1 puzzle and 1 data a day for 6 months non stop can help you acquaint with every type of question that can possibly be thrown your way. Consistent practice is the key.
  3. Old CAT LR questions. We agree that online CAT does not have the same standard or type of questions but that is not true for each slot and you should prepare for these. After doing these at the stipulated time, try and see if you would have cleared the cut offs. That will help you gauge your standard better.
  4. Arun Sharma LR/DI is a good option to go deeper into the subject. Well balance and definitely recommended.
  5. Solve the weekly puzzle that is given of Test Funda, it will wreck your brains too and is a good fodder indeed.
  6. Do good time management and do not get stuck on individual questions. Attempt the case questions somewhere in between – i.e. not at the start and neither at end because you may get stuck at the start and find it a problem moving forward and since they require around 5-10 minutes, doing it at last can be an issue for nervous chaps.


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