CAT Exam Questions – Take a Peek !!

CAT Exam Questions

The common admission test is one of the most grueling management exams in the world. Despite waning over the past 3 years in the number of applicants that apply for the exam, it has managed to hang on to the tag of a prestigious entrance exam, for now!!

However, since the coveted IIMs still use the CAT only for shortlisting the students for the first stage, there are many takers for the exam and the management does remain heavily inclined towards the same and as per our societal norms, keeps running after the IIM brand name, forgetting what Amir Khan said !! Phew.

Anyways, this post is not about that, rather about CAT exam questions and the likes. Well as we know, the CAT exam since 2011, has mutated to a two section format, with fixed time for each section. The question pattern or the exam questions remain the same as they were before, though the exam has gone even more conceptual if you ask us and a little easy if you take the normalization process out of the equation.

We will deal with the CAT exam questions which are given to students section wise divided over four broad categories. These are

1) Quant

2) LR

3) DI

4) Verbal Ability


Quant Questions

The quant section has general mathematical questions which you studied till class 10nth. However, these questions are not that simple as they were back then and given the time limit, the task becomes a tad difficult. However, the basics remain the same. A general overview of the topics which are covered in this section is given over here. Some good books to practice the same are Arun Sharma Quantitative Aptitude and SK Sharma, Arihant Publications, which is more elaborate than the former but a tad boring at that.

Logical Reasoning Exam Questions

The LR sections test questions such as puzzles, logical problems, and the likes. Good books to refer for the same are Shakuntala Devi or similar puzzle books. Career Launcher LR DI book (the thick one), is a great resource and TIME books on the similar topic are well laid out coz these are better fragmented than the CL ones. However, we found the CL book to be more relevant overall and more interesting puzzles.

Data Interpretation CAT Exam Questions

Data Interpretation consists of questions where data sets are given like histograms, pie charts like stuff. We know you get it !! However, students tend to find it a bit tedious to solve the same on the screen since you need to scroll up and down and that breaks the flow. The good news is that ever since CAT went online, DI has started to get distinct importance and the questions are mostly easy to moderate level overall. Good books for the same include the ones already mentioned for Logical Reasoning as both these topics are merged together in most coaching institute’s book. Arun Sharma is also a good option for the same.

Verbal Ability Exam Questions

Wooh!! This is a broad section. It is hard to classify these questions in a coherent manner. However, here goes nothing – fill in blanks, critical reasoning, Reading Comprehension, grammar check, vocabulary based, FJI (For those who don’t know what FJI is, you will know, just keep reading), rearrangement of paragraph aka para jumbles etcetera. Good books include CL’s grammar book, SAT – yup the exam that is taken in the United States for Critical reasoning, Baron’s word list for GRE, Normal Lewis Vocab book, and Test Funda Verbal Ability Module.

If you wish to see a few sample questions, then you can do the following – go to google and search for “Quant thread Pagalguy 2011” and click on the first link on the result page of google. Similarly, just repeat the process for other sections and you will find a slew of sample questions.

Better still you can buy a book which contains all old questions of CAT that have come till date and this would give you a fairly good idea about the exam.




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