The CAT Exam – How to stay motivated?

How to stay motivated in the race of CAT Exams even after multiple failures?

“To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else, means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting.” – E.E. Cummings

Are you a part of the majority B school aspirants who give various selection exams to get into the top notch MBA institutes in India, but still get left behind from just an insignificant like number? Are you too tired of giving exams after exams, with only a little change in marks? If you fall under this category, wait before you give up. Give yet another exam while keeping this article in mind. It might change the scenario a bit. Let’s talk about how to stay motivated for the next CAT and CMAT like exams when you have already given a lot of them.


Giving up after a series of failures is one of the common and by far easiest thing MBA aspirants do. The main reasons for this are the level of difficulty these exams have, the small number of aspirants who actually make it through. Strangely, these are the also the reasons why nearly 2.05 Lac applicants filled the registration form for the CAT Exam in the year 2014. If you to have lost hope considering the ratio between the number of applicants and those who make it through to colleges like IIM, then continue reading and give the exam one more time.

Things to do, to have a different ending next time

It isn’t easy to motivate yourself once you have got a certain amount of failures in life. But then, what’s the harm in trying? Even if you don’t score good this time, there are going to be many other opportunities to sit in the MBA selection exam again. Try to do the following things, at least once before you call the deal off-

Don’t give up

When you know bagging a professional master’s degree is your calling, don’t give up even if you are encountered with a certain number of defeats. Try again with a better plan and strategy. Giving up on something that you know you are made for is never a viable decision.

Make a different schedule

Almost all the time, some months before the selection exams, we all find out schedules that people who made it through followed, in their time. And, we try to copy the same. Now, even if the schedule seemed perfect, throw it. Make a more doable schedule, a one that is more you, which you can adapt easily.

Have a life

Don’t put your life on hold just because you have a few exams coming up. Continue doing what you love and follow your hobbies. Take out time once in a while to meet people who relax you. Even when practicing for the exam, take frequent breaks to do what you feel like doing.

Know there is a world beyond CAT

The one thing some MBA aspirants forget is that there is a life after CAT and IIMs, IIFT. If you are planning to keep giving CAT exam for a very long time, stop! Know when you have to start looking for other managerial exams like MAT, GMAT etc. and other colleges too. It’s no point wasting your time or a year on giving exams while you do nothing in your life otherwise, like a job.


Once all this have been said, fit one thing in your head, these selection exams are not going to define who you are. Yes they might get you in a good college, but ultimately whatever happens after college, in your job depends only on the kind of hardworking person you are.


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