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Common Admission Test or CAT is a renowned test conducted by the IIMs in India to find the best candidates for the prestigious MBA offered by these institutes. Every year lakhs of students queue up to give this exam after elaborate preparation. A crucial aspect of this exam is the CAT material that the student uses for his study. Though the main aspect of study lies in the main tenet as to how hard the student works and imbibes the study, there is no doubt with the fact that the material for cat plays a crucial role in guiding the student in the correct manner.

We have listed a long list of ways from where you can get the CAT material that you need for your studies. There are two basic genuine ways of doing this


Well this is by far the best option but you can always save some money by investing some time. There are many paid resources like

  • Test Funda CAT material – These people are always up with discounts especially at the end period of CAT. They give you option of both online and offline resources. We had a chance to look at some of their stuff and to tell you the least – ‘it was good.’
  • TIME Study Material – Now, no institute in India beats TIME in terms of experience when it comes to preparing material for CAT. They have even launched a new Quant book. We haven’t laid our hands on it yet but it seems nice and overall also you can sign up for their material for round about 7000 bucks or so and they send you material via post.
  • Career Launcher – Hmm..too many ads. Just kidding!! Nice stuff..again just like TIME and you can subscribe to their material and all other stuff like mentioned above.
  • IMS – Now we don’t know if rumors are right but more than once we have come across people saying that the IMS material is excellent. Why? Because students find direct questions in exams from their material. Period. Not in CAT but in other management exams they do. You would like to check that out yourself but if it’s GK that is coming frequently then you might well be doing good if you get the latest material only.

Have we missed something ..let’s see

Yeah..there is TotalGadha material which we have not tested. One of us is a member of its classroom program and frankly we are not impressed too much. But the ebooks that they give are nice and you can get those easily if some friend of yours has a Paypal account.


You can also find old students of these institutes selling their products and everything else after they have gone through. You can get these at dirt cheap prices if you can find such people. You need Jugaad in that case and if you are good at socializing, it should not be hard as every second guy or gal is doing an MBA these days.


Well, it’s really awesome that you can avail free cat material too for download. There are many options out there but at best you can use these to compliment the paid version but can’t rely on these solely.

Click here for free cat material sources.

If you know of a CAT resource, then please leave your comments and’s easy !!