CAT MBA or CAT – ‘CH’ the MBA train we should say. It’s ironic as to how a particular thing can obsess the entire country. Engineering and Doctors are now vying for a the coveted MBA degree in the country to intellectuals. Strange thing is this CAT MBA fever really. But, why not? It gives jobs to the youth, the people of this country and further the students this nation. A degree that packs in it so much that someone who is nascent from his graduation becomes capable of heading millions or in some cases even billions of dollars worth of companies. Wow..sure is a thing CAT MBA.

CAT..the common admi test..

Two hundred thousand students vetted against each other on computer screens (which hang in between, show erroneous graphs etc) and moving towards the sole aim of those 1700 seats (excluding the new IIMs) that are up for grabs battle it out ferociously for the coveted title. Amazing! Especially if you look at all this from this point of view! While the task for all the students is the same i.e. solving as many questions as possible, the background is not the same especially with regards to CAT preparation. There are students fighting for different things and battling on different paradigm all together. Some want a ninety percentile to find the perfect B-school that would suit them or an eighty five to get into that government college or something like that. So many fragments in this huge chunk called CAT MBA.

CAT MBA…what is the jaadu behind it??

It’s a very wrong perception in the youth, not in every one but in some, that the CAT MBA exam is a degree for a glorious career with nice package and awesome life. It’s true, no doubt! But what is even more appalling is the fact that an MBA is not the passport to success. Let’s just frame it in a better manner…it is not MBA that takes you to success…it is what you imbibe through this MBA degree of CAT MBA that would take you to success. When you sleep at 2 am and wake up at 8 am with 2 presentation and 6 case studies drilled up your ass, obviously you learn man…but only those who take the initiative to learn about all this i.e. imbibe what is being taught. There are enough loopholes in the CAT MBA system that a student can make use of and shy away from his or her responsibilities in the longer run but weaknesses will catch up with you over time.

In 3 Idiots..Amir Khan delivered a great line “Aim for excellence and success will follow.” Its cliché, I know but it’s relevant and it has depth to it and especially when we talk about this in context to an MBA degree. It’s what you learn in an MBA that would take you forward and not the MBA itself.  MBA thru CAT and success is an illusion that can never be turned into reality unless you work yourself out and let you shine like a diamond.


This begs a question in my curious heart…..can someone from a mediocre institute be as good and as able as an IIM-A or something. The answer is ‘YES’. The better the CAT preparation and final day execution (and some other factors) will get you into an IIM and ultimately a degree but if you look closely there are enough role models in front of us who never had an MBA degree. CAT preparation just got them into an IIM..which was cool enough for them but for some special people who have the urge to learn and imbibe the learning, there are endless possibilities. Bill Gates never graduated but hires the best minds from IIT’s these days…hundreds of such example.

Well..this is kind of getting lengthy so I will leave it up to you reader…leave you comments…debate with me’s an open house..wht do you think about this question – Is the CAT MBA aka IIM  a passport to success?

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