CAT Mock Test : Must Know Facts For Any MBA Aspirant !!


CAT MOCK TEST is a mock exam that is carried out by different coaching institutes and websites to help a student analyze his relative standing and analyze his strengths and weaknesses in a better manner. Given the fact that CAT is online, CAT mock test have gained importance especially with the fact that most of the students like to prepare from remote location such as those who are doing a job as of now.

Come what may, the importance of Mock Test cannot be flabbergasted and given this fact almost every coaching institute in India which provides information regarding the CAT exam or provides coaching for Cat has come out with their own test series to help students and rake in some moolah J

There are many common mistakes that students make while they appear for such Mocks and the primary mistake that student do so often while facing a CAT MOCK test is that they just give it for the sake of giving it and never do they analyze their performance at any level. Giving a Mock is of not much use until or unless the performance is analyzed by the students. It is said that if you are spending 2 hours giving a CAT mock test then spend double that time in analyzing your performance.


Most of the leading institutes such as TIME and CL have really good MOCK test series that can help student prepare for their studies. Normally the Mock CAT tests start 3-4 months before Cat and continue till the last week before the onset of the exam. Normally a student would give 10-15 CAT mock test before giving the final CAT.

It is advised that one keeps a low count on the number of CAT mock test that one wants to give and does not give in to the hype that surrounds these tests. It is a fact that has been maintained by a lot of people that one should give these tests, analyze them but do not be influenced by bad scores or anything.

Also, most of the coaching institutes like to have a harder CAT mock test series as compared to actual CAT exam. This is to attract better minds and increase the competitiveness of these tests. This is one more reason why such mock cat exam should not considered too important from low score point of view.


Normally, the interface of CL mocks is better and the number of students giving TIME is much more, hence it is recommended that a student joins at least two test series for CAT.

There are some other options available and these are bloody good as well. In the online format there is the omnipresent Test Funda and there is also the option of Total Gadha. Apart from these famous ones, there is an option for the students to go IMS and other coaching institutes and these too do a very good job at assessing the competitive edge of a student.

Frankly, these are the ones that we have tried personally and indeed if you would look at other website such as Pagalguy which are good open forum that gives advice straight from the horses’ mouth, there is little doubt that these are in fact the best of resources that are available to students as of now.

If you have any question with respect to Cat mock test then please leave a comment below and we will get back to you.

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